Monday, June 23, 2008

Reaching the community

I apologize for no photos because what we saw today should really have been photographed! And I admit that I am the one who forgot to grab the camera when we left!

We headed back to Columbus for our last visit before we leave and head south to return back north! (confusing? -- you are correct)

This church who has lost nearly everything itself is reaching out to the community on a huge level! Not only do they have a few of the Convoy of Hope supplies there but another local church showed up with a truck of food supplies, clothing and cleaning supplies. They have completely transformed what was the entry of the church sanctuary into a relief supply store. The key thing about the store is that everything is free! People are coming in for clothing and finding exactly what they need, they are getting boxes of necessary food items and the same with cleaning supplies and personal hygiene kits for both men and women! The women in the church have stepped up and stepped into an area they weren't trained for, weren't ready for but have the hearts of service and that alone is all they need.

When we arrived this morning they were walking a lady to her vehicle -- and this lady had just given her heart to the Lord. The women who led her were beaming along with the lady who just got a new lease on life and knew it with every fiber of her being. What satan meant for destruction was turned into a life saving event! Isn't God amazing that way! He always wins!

Pastor A was headed to the hospital to spend time with one of his members and smiling the entire time! He says he feels overwhelmed but this man has such a heart for the Lord and for the community and God is, and will continue, sending blessing after blessings.

Our dear friend in IL sent the safety relief supplies he promised. Today a huge box arrived filled with masks, gloves and shoe covering. Thanks Gary --- what a blessing you are to our ministry!

Another call came in from one of our neighbors here at home saying he had sheetrock mud and paint and he needed directions to the church as he was on his way there. He said he couldn't just sit at home today so he headed to Columbus to see who he could help! Hearts of service that are so full they are overflowing! Disaster ministry --- a wide open field ready for the harvest!

Another call came from Convoy asking our needs. We have been praying for another truck and it looks like our prayers have been answered --- again! We send our thanks and blessings to those who help supply Convoy and other organizations with the ability to supply the needs in disaster situations all over the nation and the world!

It's been a busy day -- a day to see in full view the miracles of our Lord! Monty and I are so blessed to see miracles on a daily basis! We feel we are living the dream and are thankful to all who make this possible!

We might be "off air" for a few days as we finalize the relocation process. We would appreciate your prayers for safe travel and a smooth transition.

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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