Saturday, June 28, 2008

"What can we do to help?"

This is the question we hear most --- and we always have an answer.

I would like for all of you to refer to Pastor Andreasen's blogspot at and see what all is happening there at Columbus First Assembly of God. He also has links to the local newspaper where you can see videos and such.

I am issuing a challenge to all those who are reading this and wondering what YOU can do to help. Be careful when you ask a question as you just might receive a response! :)

The main need at this time is NON-PERISHABLE FOOD ITEMS! With no place to live, or living with family or even strangers, food is top priority! The food bank at the Hope Outreach in the church cannot keep up with the demand. Pastor A should not have to be going out and purchasing food when we all have it at our fingertips constantly!

I challenge you to challenge yourself, or maybe even your church ??!! to do a food drive, do anything that you can to help us stock this Hope Outreach. Hope is such a key word in disaster ministry. We all cling to hope, sometimes by our very fingernails -- you know the old saying "just hang in there and don't loose hope" --- times such as these when folks are tested to the max with loosing everything!!! --- Hope is life!

Handing someone a box of food, letting them know they and their children will have something to eat -- changing a saddened heart, if only for a short time, is priceless. Seeing the expressions on their faces change -- a smile coming out -- the warmth they feel in their hearts! Isn't this exactly what Jesus tells us to do?

Look back to the Bible where He speaks of feeding the poor and the hungry -- He didn't have restrictions on doing so -- He just simply commanded us to do so!

There is a grocery or superstore on nearly every corner -- every single one of us has access and every single one of us can pick up a couple of extra items! Before you know it we have stocked an entire food pantry and people are seeing the love of God in one of the most practical ways possible! And they DO see Jesus when you hand them the food!

The needs are so great! Meeting them can be done so simply! "What can YOU do to help?"

You know the answer!

Thank you and God WILL return the blessings back to you in ways you never dreamed of!

Until next time . . . "Here I am Lord; send me, send me!" Susan and Monty

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