Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's official

This photo may require you to click on it to enlarge it and see the photo that is on their porch -- trying to dry it out to save. Blessing amidst the loss!

Just another example of what the streets of Columbus look like today. I will tell you that we have been pleased with the amount of trucks going through the city removing the piles and piles of trash! They actually close off the street to allow the front loaders to push everything into the street and then they load it into the dump trucks. It's a continual process with more trucks than we can count!

Yes, today it's official -- we will be pulling up stakes in MS and heading to Columbus. Pastor A invited us to come and operate a relief effort from their church. Even though their church suffered enormous loss they are concerned about the people in the city and want to do what they can to reach out to them also. We were honored to be asked and were pleased to respond with a "yes, of course." This is the hometown where I grew up and even though I have been gone for more years than I want to admit, it's still home!

Our plan is to leave next week for a return to MS to turn over things to Rebuild Jackson County, hook up our 5th wheel and head north. The trip won't be easy as pulling a rig for 800 miles never is but we've done it plenty of times and know this is God's calling for us at this time. We will miss all of our families in the south but they also knew this might be coming and will be a part of our ever growing family forever!

We will be parking our rig in the parking lot of the church which means "home sweet home" for us. If you know us you know that is exactly where we lived for over a year and a half! Our dogs are quite comfortable with pavement as their yard, even with the grass next door. Please continue to keep all of us in your prayers as we venture into another relief effort.

Today we made visits to a couple of other relief agencies setting up shop and quickly realized they are all in the same boat of never having done anything like this before. The United Way has set up shop for anyone needing help and anyone wanting to volunteer and the woman who is heading up the entire thing was overwhelmed to tears when we spoke to her. It is our hope that we can help them out since we have walked this walk before and can see beyond the "now" into what needs to be done next. We realize more and more each day how God has prepared us over the last years. We are so thankful that even though we have no idea what is next in our lives He holds the entire plan! Daily trusting in that plan is our goal!

Our mission will remain as it has always been; help the people and pray for God to use our feeble hands, feet and all of us to accomplish His plan! Once again, we are living the dream and pray we will be able to continue doing so for as long as He calls us!

Thank you to all of you and please be sure to stay tuned as we begin a new chapter in disaster ministry. God is in the business of miracle working and what a blessing it is for us to see them happening daily!

Please continue to pray for Pastor A as they face some very difficult decisions about the devastation at the church. Pray for guidance, wisdom and strength!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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