Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Psalm 61

There are no photos this evening as I am "borrowing" the computer at the local library. We've never even been here until this evening and to my surprise you need nothing special to use their computers. We learn something new each day!

Most of our mornings don't start as this one did. We made a home visit with Tony and Laura. She had just walked into our office last Thursday. I took the usual information from her and sent her out with the usual letter that we mail. In this letter they are asked to gather documents (deed, identification, etc) within a 30 day period and call me back when they have all their documents copied and ready to go. Ms Laura had hers ready yesterday -- she lets no grass grow under her feet!

When we arrived we only had the basic information; they lived in an area that suffered severe flooding and all she could say was that their house had "fallen in." The outside of the home looked nice, repainted with a small carport in front. It's a very small home and when we entered through the front door it was breath-taking! She arranges dried flowers and it was just beautiful! And every wall was exactly as she said, tongue and groove. We've seen alot of homes in doing what we are doing but never walls like these.

Then their story began. They stayed in the house during the storm. They were convinced they were far enough from the gulf waters they would be safe. As they watched the waters rising in the front of their home they decided they should get in their van and head out. Wrong idea! The waters rose so quickly they were unable to drive so they went back inside the home. At this point they realized the water was pouring in through the back door and at such a fast pace they soon realized their lives were in jeopardy! Ms Laura is unable to swim and before they realized it they were in water up to their necks -- literally! Mr Tony did what he could to calm Ms Laura to the point of carrying her on his own back through the waters. They walked this way all the way to the highway! Now I don't know how many miles that is but I do know that even walking it NOT in neck deep water would be more than a challenge for most of us!

They went to the highway because they hoped it was high enough to hold a dry spot for them to be safe. They were right. BUT -- Mr Tony went back into their housing area and started doing the same thing again -- carrying people to safety on his own back! I realize you can't see him but just know that he can't be 5' 8" on a good day!

Now here is the miracle -- he said they only thing that continued through his head this entire time was Psalm 61 -- verse for verse! I hope you will go to that exact chapter and read it -- you will get chills! I did!

They remained on the highway until they were rescued by others. They were taken to her father's home where they stayed for the next 2 days until they were allowed back into their own home. What they found is documented on her photos and will bring anyone to tears! But they wasted no time in taking out everything they owned and cleaning inside. This is where those tongue and groove walls proved to be such a blessing, they don't need torn out, just cleaned and sprayed for mold and cleaned and sprayed for mold quite a few times. They did just that and started doing what they could to put their lives and home back together. Like I said, their home is beautiful and they give all the glory to God!

Now comes the problem -- due to all that water and what it does to things that we never think of -- their home is literally giving way and falling into the ground. Remember that there aren't a handful of homes built on slabs here due to the water table. This one wasn't high off the ground, only around a foot or more, but now it sits on the ground. Imagine what is happening to their new vinyl flooring, to their walls that are now separating from the floors and how you feel unbalanced when you stand in certain places!

Our job -- level the house without destroying all their work! Not easy you say? You are right! It can only be done by a contractor -- one that can be trusted and one who knows what they are doing! THAT is our job -- find that contractor! Then comes the small issue of paying that contractor! That's also where we come in -- tap all our resources, and then some!

After getting all the necessary information we were blessed to sit and listen to Mr Tony as he professed his faith in the Lord -- it was amazing and so uplifting to the both of us! We could have sat and listened for hours (and his wife agreed that he can go on for that long) but we did have to go. He continued to assure US that God would bring the right people -- after all -- he brought us to them!

We all talked about all the miracles we had seen and been a part of. What an awesome time of sharing and time I wish could've lasted longer! Time I wish you could have spent with us and heard and seen for yourselves!

Pray for this couple, pray for the right contractor, pray for the finances -- just cover it all in prayer!

Until next time . . . when I will try and show you a photo . . . Susan and Monty

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