Friday, April 11, 2008

All the way to Afganistan

The top right photo is just for you "Coop"! Coop came with this team last year and because he is currently working in Afganistan he was unable to come this time. He has been missed and the team wanted to do something special for him. You must look VERY closely to see that they humanly spelled out COOP for him! I know, you'll need to use your imagination! The entire staging was hysterical and filled with love! We missed you Coop and pray for your safety!

They aren't nick-named "The Dream Team" for no reason!
Last night they surprised Ms Darlene with a new range and microwave! They brought her into the room, eyes covered, and was shocked beyond words. After seeing that surprise she decided to pose in her new shower area!
Today they are finishing the tile in the last hallway, installing the base trim complete with decorative touches on the corners, installing doors, painting and caulking. And they plan on completing it all by late afternoon!
The ministry that has happened between this team and Ms Darlene is priceless. The ministry that has happened within the team is equally priceless. Everyone has been miraculously touched and will be family forever. It's really hard to describe, something that has to be seen, but none the less a miracle and a God-thing!
We will miss this team so much and are also praying they make their flights tomorrow as they are flying American!!
I have some wonderful news as an update with Ms Ollie and her new home! Since the storm she has had rather "estranged" relationships with her sisters and their families. After the miraculous work last week and them coming to the dedication Saturday they all came to her new home on Sunday after church, cooked fried chicken and told her they were taking her with them on their vacation this week for spring break! And if that wasn't enough -- they apologized for their mistreating her!!!!! And so did the rest of her family!!!!
We talk to the teams who come to help telling them that the results of their dedication and hard work remain long after they leave and return home. The ministry that takes place is never forgotten. THIS is one of the best examples that Monty and I have seen since being here for nearly 3 years now!
To ALL the teams from ALL the states who sacrificed so much to build this home --- God WAS watching and so were families, neighbors and who knows who else! God promises returned blessings to all who listen to Him and follow His calling!!!! You WILL reap those blessings! Thank you for bringing a family back together again!!!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty
PS Diane made it home safe and sound -- thank you to all who held her up in prayer during her long drive home!!

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