Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Angels??: Day 4

Allow the pictures to let you experience some of our day today!
From Mike Jr with Monty, true brothers and one who came to give back in a small way!
Then there's Diane "in the wind" of the huge fans we had drying the primer and paint! No matter how much work there is -- laughter abounds! It's that "joy of the Lord" thing again!
And then there is a sneak peek at the deck!!! What an amazing thing that is! The UMCOR team from NC have been life savers with that thing this week. They came into the job thinking they were mostly unskilled (a word that shouldn't exist) and have learned so much and been amazing to the entire group of people working on this job. They have already said they want to be a part of the next one! Yes -- the next one!!
The women were painting like machines this morning and finished the job 15 minutes ahead of the time Joe had told them he would like to have it done! They rolled ceilings without a complaint of hurting shoulders and ran rollers over the walls like this is what they had done since birth!
The siding crews were also like machines. This siding is hardiplank and not at all easy to work with. Because Ms Ollie is so close to the water we are not allowed (by city code) to use vinyl siding. The teams worked all day and it looks amazing. The yellow house you see in the background of one photo is the neighbors and gives a great shot of how high these homes are being lifted.
Kitchen cabinets are completely installed along with the counter tops and sink. The appliances will arrive tomorrow and that will be the final items for the kitchen.
You can also see the teams working on this deck and then a great view of the front of the house. Since we are making this a handicapped accessible deck it has many turns and landings. Someone was trying to count the spindles today but I never did hear a final count! I don't think I really want to know.
The final photo is Bob from the WV team and Ms Ollie. He wanted to take some time and visit with her this afternoon. She was waiting with open arms and although she is soooo curious as to what her home looks like she also knows that God has placed each and every volunteer here to be her special "angels" and knows the house is beautiful. She said God gave her a vision of what it looks like, especially the kitchen. She said she has cried tears of sadness and pain since the storm but all this week she has cried tears of joy! Just wait until the dedication Saturday morning! Bob told her we might need to dig a trench for the tears to flow through as there won't be a dry eye on the place and he is right! She also shared with him her story of the day of the storm. She rode it out and was rescued by boat! She feared for her life and also watched her home being destroyed! No matter how many times I hear people tell their stories of that day I don't think I will ever stop listening in amazement!
All these photos and all these words and yet you really have no idea how awesome the day was! The heavy fog of the morning lifted and gave way to sunshine and warmth. But no matter how warm it feels to the skin there is nothing to compare to the warm feeling inside each and every volunteer working on this job!
That warmth is beginning to be felt by others in the city because the "drive-bys" are increasing daily and now they are stopping and thanking whoever they can see -- thanking them for coming and thanking them for making a difference in the community and in the world!
Tomorrow is a new day! We are already a whole day ahead of the original schedule and Joe has some outside surprises up his sleeve for the next couple of days left. Be sure and stay tuned.
To all the families who sent their loved ones here to be with us this week ---THANK YOU!!! from the bottom of our hearts. They WILL come home tired, sore, sunburned, bruised and yet they will be filled with something that we only dream about -- the love that comes from following the example of service set for us by Jesus!! Welcome them home, thank them, listen to their stories, look at their photos and be blessed for it!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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