Friday, April 25, 2008

Home after home after home . . .

Mile after mile, story after story, face after face, broken heart after broken heart, and yet hope still abounds. I pray the following stories and photos will touch your hearts and give you a better understanding as to why God called Monty and I back to this area.

Our home visits will continue and we will continue! How can we not?

We did visit one very beautiful home, the home of Ms Mary. She was able to secure her grant early on and the only thing she still needs is a new HVAC unit. What happens when one of those units becomes submerged in flood waters (salt water) is that when they dry out they will continue to run for a limited amount of time. Each units time varies but eventually they all stop. With the summer temps continuing to rise now is not the time to be without air conditioning.

This home belongs to Ms Tess who is not only a single mother trying to raise her own children, she has adopted a daughter and is trying to adopt the daughters 3 siblings! She also works full time and this is what she has been looking at since the storm brought the flood waters and winds her way. She has had a new roof put on but in doing so one of the workers fell through into a bedroom and just covered up the hole with shingles. Needless to say she will need another new roof to stop the moisture from coming in and causing black mold to continue to grow.

This home belongs to Larry. Can you imagine
having your bedroom and family room looking like this -- the ceilings completely fallen in with insulation falling? In the family room he has sheets hanging to try and keep things from falling in more.

He has had a new roof put on the home so the leaks have stopped but now the remainder of the work needs to be done -- after all this time and no one has come to his aid??

Meet James and Kea and take a look at how they are living! Both are young and just trying to make it in this world. Kea suffers from cerebral palsy and fibromyalgia and is nearly confined to her wheel chair. She also has asthma! She works full time and attends school full time! James works full time and cares for Kea. THIS is how they have been living since the storm! They have been broken into repeatedly and so they do not want to leave their home. The only good thing we could find is that the home has already been gutted so here we go . . . pray for the funding and for the help!

We had another visit to Ms Alberta's home. She lives in a double wide manufactured home that has been knocked off of its blocking in two places. Her laundry room has yet to be completed but her kitchen in getting new cabinets installed as I write. We have been working on her home for awhile now but each step brings her closer and closer to not only being able to move back in -- but able to move her elderly mother back in and care for her.
As you can see (and hopefully feel) there are soooo many who still need help. We intend to continue to reach out, continue to make the home visits and continue to rebuild lives by rebuilding homes for as long as God has us doing so.
We sincerely thank those of you who have supported us through prayers, through cards and letters and through financial donations. Without all of those we would not be able to continue. YOU are our life lines and we are forever grateful.
For those of you who would like to begin praying for us or supporting us, please feel free to do so. The prayers are number 1 as nothing comes without God. The financial support is done a few dollars at a time and can be done by sending your tax deductible donations to our sending agency who directly handles our account. Those can be sent to:
IGO (International Gospel Outreach)
PO Box 1008
Semmes, AL 36575
Please make donations payable to them and include a SEPARATE note with our names on it. We are bound by the IRS to handle our support in this way. Please know that it does come directly to us.
Once again, God's blessings to all of you!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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