Saturday, April 05, 2008

"Drenched" in Love

Well, here you have it!
This morning was the dedication and we had to make a few last minute changes! We had over 7 inches of rain last night, streets are flooded and we had to go to plan B. God had it all under control and it was awesome!
The banner you see was posted with all the names of those involved. Then you can also see the entire team composed of all the states! What a crew!
Ms Ollie came in blindfolded and the rains stopped long enough for her to get out of the car and go around front to see her home. Her shrieks could be heard around the block!
We then seated her underneath her home. There are advantages of being 9 foot in the air! Everyone had gathered underneath awaiting her arrival. It was the only place to be dry. She was given a seat and throughout the dedication there were thanks and blessings mixed with tears of joy and the sounds of Ms Ollie thanking and praising God. Pastor Lavoy gave an outstanding dedication and prayer. He spoke from his heart and from experience as his church was destroyed in the storm and he held services in a tent for months and months before receiving a new church built by mostly volunteers!
After the dedication Ms Ollie was escorted upstairs to see the inside of her new home. Once again the tears flowed and the shrieks were most audible when she saw her side by side refrigerator/freezer -- the only thing she had ever asked for! There was a second shriek when she saw her bathroom -- one for herself -- no need to share!!
While being interviewed by the local TV reporter she asked if someone could pinch her to see if this was real or not! She continued to thank everyone but always thanking God first. She had thank you cards all ready for the teams.
As she traveled from one room to another and then back through again and again she was trying to take it all in. She won't feel the reality for quite some time. Ms Faye came in and it was so good for them to meet because Ms Faye was able to bring some reality to the morning as she has been in Ms Ollie's shoes.
Throughout the rest of the morning the hugs were shared, the tears of joy continued to flow and the smiles grew larger and larger. The rains even stopped long enough for her to travel down the tiered deck!
As we left her she was thinking about sitting on her new white rocking chair on her front porch but also thinking about going back inside and seeing if it really is real!!
Ms Ollie's life wasn't the only one changed with this build. Every single person working on the job spoke of how their lives had been changed and how they want to be a part of the next one!
Next one?? Right now Monty and I would just like to take a breather -- but -- we will be in a meeting with Joe tonight to evaluate the entire project and see where we can make it better the next time!!!! I think it has something to do with that "working in the joy of the Lord thing"!!
To all the teams -- thank you doesn't begin to say it but it's all we have! We love all of you and pray for your safe travel home!
To all of you who support Monty and I and therefore make it possible for us to be here, to be doing what we are doing -- THANK YOU!!!! We love you and are so very grateful! We are living the dream of being able to follow God's call on our lives!! Bless all of you!
Until next time . . . Welcome Home Ms Ollie!!!! Susan and Monty

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