Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Moving" Day

There are many things that happen as a result of these storms -- things we don't think about.

Gators are one of them!

When the flood waters rise as they did, people aren't the only ones that can become displaced. Rising waters "relocated" gators into places where they shouldn't be.

Today, in the state park where we are living, one of those gators will be relocated to where she should be!

Since we are less than 500 feet from the waters and don't dare let our 2 small dogs out without leashes, we are rather glad that she will be moved to somewhere she should be! We did have a neighboring camper tell us he once lost one of his dogs to a gator (not here locally) and thus the reason his current dog was a bit more than nervous being close to any water! Smart dog!!

We are also sort of relocating ourselves back into the piles that are on our desks. I have been back on the phone nearly all day scheduling appointments to go and do home visits with those who still need help in getting rebuilt. The calls continue to come in, the people continue to walk in the office and the work still needs done. The main problem now is that the volunteers are really slowing down! Nearly all the world believes everyone here is fine -- after all -- it's going on 3 years later!! WRONG!!! It's just very old news and no one likes very old news!

Monty and I are committed to continue following God's call to do what we can to help the people rebuild, both their homes and their lives. Thanks to all of you who are making that possible for us!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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