Thursday, April 03, 2008

Comin down the home stretch

Yes, we are heading into the home stretch! And yet the energy levels remain high and the laughter continues and those who came in as strangers are becoming family!
The kitchen cabinets are done, complete with crown at the tops. The light fixtures and ceiling fans are in. The window screens are in. The outside siding, trim and porch areas are done and touch up painting also done. The added side steps are in process and will be complete tomorrow morning. The driveway is prepared for the cement pour tomorrow afternoon. The electric has been brought to the house. The sewer line is dug and awaiting an inspection tomorrow morning. Cleaning inside has begun. Doors are all painted. Shelving is being hung in the kitchen pantry and closets. Towel bars and paper holders are also hung. The last of the deck spindles will be done tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow the dumpster, equipment and portable toilet will be removed. Now THAT tells you how near we are to being DONE completely! Those don't go until the workers go!
The people continue to drive by in utter amazement. Now more of them stop, say thank you and ask when the dedication will be. Who knows how many will actually be there at 9AM on Saturday morning!?
It's still amazing to me to watch people build relationships, build life long bonds and become family in less than a calendar week! If you stopped by this property now you would think everyone came from the same city, the same church! No one would be able to convince you that they came in as total strangers! A true God-thing!
Ms Faye stopped by this morning and lit the place up with her smile and continued thanks to those who built her home a little over a year ago. She said she knew Mike Sr was smiling from heaven seeing the work and blessings continue!
When we read our Bibles we read about all the miracles Jesus performed while He was here on earth. It saddens me to hear people talk about miracles and not realize that they are happening every day -- all around us! If you are looking for one or don't believe they happen anymore I challenge you to stop by the job or better yet -- come to the dedication this Saturday and I absolutely guarantee you will see many miracles -- right before your eyes!!
Until next time . . . Lord, Monty and I thank You for your divine appointment in our lives!
Susan and Monty

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