Thursday, April 10, 2008

Goodbye Diane

Have you ever seen so many people down on their hands and knees? And take a good look at this tile, it's beautiful!
The team has the tile all down and grouted and now they are in the cleaning process -- and what a process that is! The men bringing clean water over and over again are keys! With this grout being the color of chocolate the water can get really messy really quickly! You can see the while chaulky look where they have not cleaned yet.
Ms Darlene is planning on a big BBQ dinner for all of them this evening to show her appreciation. Cooking for the volunteers is one of the ways the homeowners can express their thanks and even with that they still feel they have done nothing to thank them. Just seeing the joy and smiles in this team can warm hearts all along the street.
They have been eating breakfast at the local grocery store around the corner each morning and word has gotten around that a group from California eats there each morning so there are more and more locals gathering to meet and talk with them each morning. That in itself is ministry to the folks here and a way to bring hope to them. If they have their house done it's a way to give thanks, even if these weren't the exact ones who helped rebuild their home. If they are not back in their homes it's a way of bringing hope to them that they might be the next ones to have a team come and help them. And then there's the ministry that happens within the team, seeing the locals and hearing their stories. That changes them forever! They were telling about the woman they met who told how all she could do in the rising waters inside her home was hold her tiny infant baby above her head in order to keep the baby from drowning -- and she held the baby above her head for nearly 6 hours until help could come!!!! Like I said, those stories change lives!
Speaking of changed lives, Diane left (again) this morning. She has changed both our lives and when she leaves it leaves a hole in our hearts! The days and evenings just aren't the same when she isn't here. We are praying her home as she looks to be heading into some really rough storms coming across the nation and the distance from here to Wisconsin isn't a short one! Please join us in those prayers.
Until next time . . . We love you Diane!!! Susan and Monty

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