Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Let the pictures speak

We are nearing the end of Day 3 and we are 16 - 18 hours ahead of schedule!
It's nearly impossible to believe or take in.
The sheetrock is hung and the first coat of finish is on. By tomorrow morning it will be completely finished and ready for priming and painting.
The shingles are on the entire roof, including the overhanging porch on the front.
The electric and plumbing are 98% complete.
The outside siding is starting as I write.
Father working along side of son, husband working along side wife, Methodist working with Amish with Assembly of God with every other denomination you can think of, laughter rings from the roof top (literally) and the joy of the Lord abounds throughout not only the property but to the surrounding city.
This morning 2 gentlemen who didn't mind telling me they were both 83 years young stopped by to just look in amazement and to thank everyone for what they are doing. With tears streaming down their faces they told how their homes had been damaged and how volunteers had come and helped them rebuild. They plan on being at the dedication ceremony on Saturday!
One gentleman from WV (who I won't give away his age but he's a bit past his youth) is on his very first mission trip. He is so excited that he told me today that "next time" his wife will be with him and they will bring their camper so they can stay awhile! The light that beams from his face could light up a city block! Just for note, he's the less than tall gentleman helping hold up the portion of deck platform in the one photo above! (white Tshirt)
We have a couple who are living near Monty and I in the park here. They are from Arkansas and when they visited with us a few days ago they asked if sometime they could volunteer somewhere. We told them to just come to the job and we would have something for them. They came yesterday morning and were still there at 10pm last night installing insulation. They are back today and also working in amazement and running on adrenalin!
I could go on and on with stories. And each individual here could add their own until the point of eternity. There's nothing like it! No comparison! No paycheck! Nothing! They just come to do whatever needs done and to do it with their whole heart!
Please continue to pray for all who are involved in this project. We desperately need those prayers!!!!! YOU are are defense from the attacks of satan (and oh yes, he has also been quite busy) so we thank you and ask you to continue to hold us up!
Until next time . . . God bless! Susan and Monty

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