Monday, April 21, 2008

A Monday of Blessings

There are shrimp --- and then there are Gulf shrimp!!! Monty went directly to the ship to get these fresh!! The sizes down here are amazing and the prices are rock bottom compared to anything up north we are used to! You can see how he skewered them with a fresh pineapple and that was dinner one night. VERY good and very inexpensive!!

The morning began with our weekly meeting of all the relief efforts around the tables seeing what one group might need and how another group might fill that need. It was a great meeting for all. I presented the case for Jackie and his wife and before leaving I had a group volunteer to not only put the roof on -- but they will provide all the materials to do so! AND they are going to provide them with a new oven! Now that is the way to start a week! When I called Jackie to tell him the good news he broke into tears of joy, not really believing that help has finally arrived! The roof won't be put on until late next month but that didn't make any difference to him. He's waited this long and a few more weeks -- with a light at the end of the tunnel--makes no difference to him.

Our next blessing came with the funding for Robert's cabinets and counter tops. We have had teams in helping them with the final touches, including a new laundry room (see past blogs) but his kitchen cabinets were damaged and almost not usable. The funding came through, the cabinet lady has been there and they will be installed asap. One more case where we can mark "closed" and with a smile!

Late this afternoon and early this evening Monty and I will be doing a couple more home visits. And the phone calls continue to come in for us to schedule the visits. One home at a time and sometimes we can close more than one! More families taken to completion with more still in line waiting. Pray that the funding and the volunteers continue to come in for all those who are still waiting!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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