Friday, August 02, 2013

Up and Down = Hilarious!

Last night was another of those nights that Monty and I will remember forever!

Going to the fair with our daughter, son in law and 2 grandchildren!

Luke is 8 and Liv is 5.

They were quite content walking through the exhibition buildings since Monty grabbed a bag and quickly taught them about getting all the freebies and goodies and putting them in the bag for "later."

Finally arriving at the rides was where they really wanted to be. 

After purchasing a big batch of tickets we were off.  The kiddie rides were first and after the very first one Liv announced "I'm just so happy!" 

A couple more kiddie rides and it was time for their dad to join them on a not-so-kiddie ride.  It's a lot like the old Tilt A Whirl in that your seat spins -- a lot!

We were all a bit apprehensive as to how Liv would like it but she was set on going so . . .

The 3 of them loaded in, Dad in the middle.

As that ride took off I know I've not seen a seat spin as fast or as long as theirs did!  Liv looked frightened at first but then did fine.  Luke . . . not so fine!  He started in screaming (not crying loud - true screaming at the top of his lungs with tears flowing so fast even the spinning wouldn't make them go away)!!!  He continued screaming while Dad tried his best to calm him.

There was no calming!  Luke then resorted to screaming at the ride operator, "get me off this thing, now!"  The ride operator was either deaf or didn't understand English as he was not phased.

This screaming continued as the ride finally stopped, as they got off the ride, as they came through the exit door and throughout the walk to the next ride.  He was showing signs of being ready to vomit and no amount of talking from Mom worked!

We finally convinced him to drink a Sprite to calm his stomach.  He did agree and after a no so short time it did work!

Even though he had announced that he was DONE riding --- he started feeling better and did ride more.  Liv was not in the least upset and was ready to keep going.

When we finally finished with all the ride tickets it was time to eat dessert.  Liv decided on ice cream (no surprise to any of us) and Luke wanted an elephant ear.  He and his dad took off for that as the rest of us got a picnic table.  Shortly they returned -- they were out of elephant ears!!!  How in the world does a fair booth run out of elephant ears!!!!!????  But . . . there was another booth --- down the way --- so off they went again!  This time they were successful.

After the elephant ear Luke wanted a corn dog.  He'd never had one but he wanted one so . .  . a corn dog he got and loved it!

All the while we were eating Monty had disappeared (which isn't unusual for him). When we finished eating he returned smiling from ear to ear.  He had been at another booth -- where they draw a characterization of you!  When he pulled that picture out of the bag I thought we would all bust a gut laughing!  And thanks to blogger for not allowing me to download any pics!!!!????

Anyway, from the food we headed back to the cattle barn.  We had seen some baby calves when we went through the first time.  This time I just headed on in next to them on the straw and the kids soon followed when they realized the calves were super friendly and loved being loved on.  When the one licked Liv she said the tongue felt like a sand paper tongue!  Exactly right.  I could've spent the rest of the night there as it reminded me of being a little girl on the farm.  More and more kids (and their parents) decided it was fun to come on up next to the calves and before you know it we had quite the crowd!

Finally it was time to go.  Until we walked by the booth with the super sized cinnamon rolls!!!  We all stopped and gawked and drooled.  I decided to go ahead and get a couple of them and with all of us once again camped out at a picnic table it was sticky icing and cinnamon and sugar for all.  There wasn't a single crumb left!

Now !! It was time to go to the truck and head home.  It was going on 11pm. 

As we were all walking (we were parked really close to each other)  I over heard Luke say ,"  I feel so alive right now!"  We all lost it in laughter and I told my daughter to just "wait an hour" and it would be over!

It was a wonderful evening and one I thank God for!  His blessings are priceless and this was quite the blessing!!!

Until next time . . . feeling alive is a great feeling!                               Susan

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