Tuesday, August 06, 2013

"Dry Run" day

Tomorrow it's official -- the first day of school --- in early August??????

Anyway -- my summer is now over and time to get back to work.

Today is "dry run" day where we get in our buses and run our routes but don't pick up kids.  It's to get us a bit familiar with where we are supposed to be going.  Sound like a great idea, doesn't it.  Well . . .
Since going back to work requires going back to early bedtime for me -- I figured that would be difficult last night and I figured right.

I was awake more than not and finally gave up at 4:15am and just got up.  My alarm will always be set for 5:00am but oh well . . .

I did get to the bus office early and after saying hello to those we haven't seen all summer it was off to the lot to check out my bus.  I have been thrilled all summer knowing I would have my same bus as last year.  Totally different route but same bus.

NOT . . . it wasn't in it's "spot" and after no responses from the office as to where it was I trekked up to the garage and sure enough -- it's been shipped to the fix-it shop ---- where it seems they stay for weeks upon weeks!

So . . . I was late before even getting out of the gate!  Good thing we weren't picking up kids today!

So I will be in a substitute bus "until further notice" which should make things even more confusing for the parents and kids tomorrow morning!

And while on my route, which was "modified" yesterday -- I realized there are 3 addresses listed as stops that must be "mystery" stops as I cannot find the addresses!

I even came home to look them up on Google Earth and even though it did locate them -- they aren't on my route??  Go figure!?   So that will add to tomorrow's mysteries.  Guess I'll just look for kids to be standing out by the road and pick them up!

We used to tell all of our volunteer teams that "flexibility" was the key --- this is one of the many times where I will be eating my own words!  (anyone got any chocolate to cover them with??)

You just have to laugh --- hanging on to the joy --- by a thread!     :)

Until next time . . .  sure glad to know God has the ultimate plan!  May I have a hard copy please!

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