Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Day 1/2 = fantastic

Yesterday afternoon's "dry run" went well.  The "pickles" I had to work my way out of in the morning were much better in the afternoon.

It was a mentally exhausting day for me and since my sleep wasn't all that restful, come evening I was pretty much hitting the "well-done" spot.

Dinner and a bit of down time and an earlier bedtime did help.  Now if satan will just let go of that nerve that runs from my brain to my intestinal tract I'll be in great shape!    :)

This morning it was "all systems GO" for everyone!  It was great to go back and see all the drivers excited about their new routes and new kids.  Made me realize God called each of them and that every kid in our county is blessed to have the driver they have!

We had some dense fog to deal with early this morning but even though the skies look like they could pour rain any second, the fog lifted quickly and we were off and running.

My high school kids were next to angels.  I was greeted with many "good mornings" -- something I'm sure not used to!!!!!   They rode quietly and got a kick out of me trying to explain that what should be bus 89 is now bus 54 --- until 89 is fixed!

We were actually right on time at our drop at high school and only 4 minutes late at middle school.  Amazing for the first day!

The elementary were so cute.  I didn't even have 1/3rd of them as parents love to take their kids to school on the first day.  But the ones I had were adorable.  Each stop had atleast one parent (another thing I'm not used to) at the bus stop and after introducing myself and explaining why we aren't in the right bus number we were all on the same page.

As I ran my route through the married student housing for Indiana University it became apparent that finding a parent that spoke English so I could go through my "talk" wouldn't be the easiest task of the day.  But I did get one at each stop and they understood -- I think!

At one stop a very tiny little boy was more than hesitant about coming up the steps on the bus.  His mother told me it was his first day of kindergarten.  Both parents were there with the camera and taking pictures of every single move he made.  The dad even took one last one of me before I closed the door!  The little boy made it on with no tears falling but it was close! 

All the kids were happy when I told them we were going to start the year without assigned seats but it was up to them and their behavior as to whether we would stay that way or not.

Even after all the introductions and explanations we were within 5 minutes of our appointed arrival time at school.

I had to laugh outloud on the way back to the bus lot as I listened to the radio.  With drivers calling in constantly the poor folks back in the offices couldn't breathe between calls.  One driver called in to say he was 20 minutes late on his route --- to which the office responded, "as long as you have kids on the bus and are headed to school consider it a good day!"

So, this afternoon we will try and reverse our routes and get them all home safe and sound!  Pray for all of us.

Until next time . . .  only 179 days of school left!!!       :)                             Susan

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