Friday, August 23, 2013

15 Years?

Hooray ---- I have my computer back and all repaired.  Still trying to find some programs but it's virus free now and will hopefully stay that way.  I don't want to go through that again!

It's been a busy week.  Bus driving is going well - but - over 45,000 Indiana University students have returned to campus this week and my entire route winds all through campus so this week has been more than challenging and no such thing as being on time!  The kids on the bus have been great and understanding and just can't figure out why everyone they see is carrying furniture!  We have managed to change the route a bit to accommodate some shortcuts, which have been helpful.

My bus kids are great!  I'll take the street traffic any day over the not so well behaved kids of last year!  I still hear "thank you" and "have a nice day" and "good morning" on a daily basis!  Even though it still sounds like a foreign language to me - I don't ever want to take it for granted!

The heat has been a bit difficult on the bus.  Let's just say it looks like I have wet my pants when I stand up - and trust me - I haven't!  Just requires a 2 shower day!

I have some extra fantastic news!!!  I am going to be a Grandma again!  My son and his wife are expecting next spring!!!!!!  They have been together for nearly 15 years and honestly - we had all just given up on them.  And come to find out - they had given up also!  But God always has the best plan and perfect timing and so this new little baby is due to arrive the first of April.  We are so thrilled and excited and anxious to be grandparents once again!

The number 15 is also significant -- as Monty and I celebrated our 15th anniversary yesterday!  Yes, we made it 15 years!  There have been times . . . as I imagine all of you have experienced . . . but God is our 3rd string in our braid and with Him at the center --- we can make it through anything!  (and have!)     :)     In some ways it seems like we've been together for a life time -- and that's a good thing!  We are each other's best friends and that can make all the difference at times!  We look forward to the next 15 plus!

I am still caring for Ms Gladys, my elderly, blind, widow neighbor.  She's had her ups and downs and has had me a bit worried but seems to be doing better this week.  I didn't make it over there this afternoon as I was able to pick up another bus route over the noon hour but will see here tomorrow.  She is such a joy and I love spending time with her.  I continue to pray for God to do a miracle and restore her sight!!!!!

So, with my computer back, knowing my school bus route by heart now and life rolling right along (in a good way) I look forward to each day and thank God for each special blessing He has in store for me!!!!!

Until next time . . . Love you Monty!  Happy Anniversary!                   Susan
(His character drawing done at our local fair = hysterical! )

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Cheryl said...

Happy anniversary my friends! You two are PERFECT for one another and it is very apparent that you are best friends and very much in love. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Congratulations on the new grandbaby! Wow; 15 years of waiting. I cannot imagine what that would be like. God is so good!