Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"What's the Bible?"

I thought we finally got there --- but not!

Yesterday we had no "mistake" bus riders!  Everyone knew where they were getting on and off and the route was super smooth.

I have this one little boy, first or second grade, not sure -- who is like a shrinky dink full grown man!  He wears a plaid button down, long sleeve shirt with khaki pants and belt every day.  He thinks and speaks out his deep thoughts that make even me ponder where in the world his mind is.  I get a kick out of listening to him - he always wants to sit in the front seat so I always hear his conversations.

Yesterday, just as he was getting off at his stop after school -- he asked me, "what's your favorite book?"  I told him I had to think a second and then told him, "the Bible."  He looked at me funny and said, "what's the Bible?"  And he was serious!  I knew what I was going to say but he had to get off at his stop so that will remain for another day.  It did shock me as I don't think I've ever heard that line before!

I think God just opened a huge door for me.  Makes no difference that I'm not "allowed" to tell the kids about God or Jesus or anything else that has to do with God.  But . . . I am only answering the question of a little boy so . . .

And then came today.  The morning route super smooth and quiet.  The afternoon brought us yet another lost rider!  He was in first grade and realized about half way through the route that he was on the wrong bus!  A few radio conversations back and forth and he was "discovered" once again.  After I took home all the kids actually on my route, I backtracked and took him home -- very late but home. 

Hopefully the school will get these things ironed out over the next couple of days!  In the meantime I just take home whoever seems to hop on the bus -- and get to know more inside streets here than I ever dreamed of!  I may have lived here nearly 30 years but never go into subdivisions unless I know someone there or live there.  This has, and is, quite an education and a lot of fun too.

So . . . what if a little kid asked you "what's the Bible?" and you couldn't talk about God?

Sure thought provoking isn't it!  And this child lives right here in our United States of America!! 

And Monty and I still aren't thought of as "real" missionaries because we aren't overseas somewhere!!!!!!!!!

Until next time . . . What IS the Bible?????                                                Susan

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