Sunday, August 04, 2013

Back from the dead????

Friday afternoon I was sitting on my couch, had 5 different Bible translations spread out by me and was deep into scripture.  I had been there for a couple of hours and was completely oblivious to anything going on around me.  The TV had Christian music going and I was "lost".

A white truck pulled up in front of the house and stopped.  Immediately the dogs started barking (we never need a doorbell) and when a man actually got out of the truck and headed up the walk the barking went full blown.

I watched as a rather good looking, dark haired man came up on the porch.  He sort of looked lost so I figured he was looking for a particular house number as people do get turned around here in our subdivision.

He had a puzzled look on his face when he asked me if there happened to be a "Monty, Monty Scales" here? 

I don't readily give out information but before I could even answer he said he used to work with him years ago and had lost touch with him. 

He no more than got those words out of his mouth when (it had to be God) the lightbulb went off in my head and I asked if he was Tom?  He also looked puzzled and answered yes!

This was THE Tom -- the one we have searched for via the internet for over 10 years!  The one Monty worked with at Hardees back in the late 80's --- the one that Monty has talked about ever since I've known him -- the man who had such a profound effect on his life -- the man who was like a brother -- the man he missed more than words could say --- the man we decided had to have died years ago or Monty or even Monty's mother would have heard from!!!

Here he was --- standing on our front porch --- alive and well.

Monty wasn't home from work yet and I asked him to please come inside and we could talk.  We talked for over an hour before I finally sent Monty a text asking him to hurry home -- no problem but I just needed him at home.

He answered back and was doing a couple of errands and then would be home.  Tom was a nervous wreck as they hadn't seen one another in over 20 years!  Would Monty recognize him?  Would he recognize Monty?  I showed him a recent photo.  He recognized him in an instant.

As Monty came around the corner Tom's nerves were just about to get the best of him.  He tried to explain to me just how emotional this was for him.  What a deep friendship the two of them had and how anxious he was to see him again!

Monty noticed his truck but since he's an inspector Monty just thought there was something going on with our house.  Even when he came in the door and looked at Tom square in the face -- he had absolutely no idea who he was!  (And this is the man who recognizes people he went to first grade with and hasn't seen since then!!!!)

As Tom stood up and they looked at one another I finally started asking Monty a couple of questions that might jar his memory.  It took more than a couple of them and finally Monty asked him if he was Tom? 

They hugged for what seemed to be forever --- and then stepped back and looked at one another again --- and hugged again!

Needless to say the next  hours were spent trying to catch up, trying to fill in some of the missing pieces of their lives, realizing they have been living nearly parallel lives --- and had no idea!

They each came from a really rough and tough background -- both in more than their share of troubles -- both now married, Tom has grade school children --- both have given their lives to Christ --- and both so very glad God brought them back into each others lives!

As Tom prepared to leave, they both continued to hug each other and promise that all of us would get together soon.  Tom's wife was his girlfriend back then and they have been married for over 25 years!  His children are only 12 and 10 years old so he started late.

We are so thrilled and so amazed at the hand of God in this whole thing!  God is a God of relationships and bringing them back into each others lives now --- at a time when I can see just how much they need each other --- priceless and a blessing beyond words!

It's going to be awesome to meet his wife and children.  It's going to be more awesome to see what God has in store for all of us!

Monty is still in shock.  He was convinced Tom was dead.  And now all he can keep repeating to me is, "he's alive!"

Lord, --- thank You so much for Your love, your blessings and for bringing these two men (little boys at heart) back into each others lives!  You are the Best!

Until next time . . .  the word for the day = restoration!!!!!                             Susan

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