Thursday, June 13, 2013


First of all, thanks for the prayers as Monty is finally showing some improvement!  No further breakouts and seems the over the counter combination of meds is working!  Praise the Lord!!!!!

I am so very excited to announce that we actually have a team of 10 volunteers coming the week of July 15th --- to work on Don's house and hopefully nearly complete the rebuilding of his back 2 (now boarded off) bedrooms!!!!

The pastor contacted me a couple of months ago (referred by another pastor friend) and wanted to see if we had anything going.  I explained about Don's situation and they were going to finalize dates and let me know.  With everything else going on elsewhere I didn't hold out a lot of hope!

But God . . .

He contacted me the other day and they are definitely coming here to work!  The entire week!!!!!!

Don is more than thrilled and Monty and I are over the top!

Please keep this team in your prayers, for safe travel and for God to work through them in ways we can't imagine or dream of!!!!!

But for today . . . I have a camp field trip with the school bus . . . taking 45 kids to the local pool for a couple of hours!    Fun!  Fun!

Blessings and thanks . . . until next time . . . God is oh so good!                    Susan and Monty

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