Thursday, June 27, 2013

Is power-washing spiritual?

This is a question I have asked myself while doing many "regular" things in life.

Today, with the temps high and humidity equally as high, it was a great day to power wash.  What better way to stay cool (or atleast I do since I always manage to soak myself).

One of my neighbors had stopped by the house last week wanting "just the north side" of his house power washed.  We all know how the north side of our homes can seem to change to the color green so easily.   He said he knew the whole house needed it but he just couldn't afford it right now.

No problem.  We set this afternoon and I loaded up the power washer, hose, gas can and sunglasses and was ready to go.

As I was power washing I felt God right near by.  It just seemed symbolic of His washing away our sins.  How quickly we can turn "green" with sin covering us -- and we don't even realize just how green we are until He cleanses us.  And how easily He does that cleaning. 

With the power washer I just aim and the power of that water just peels away all the dirt and green and grime and gunk.

God does the same thing with us.  We were all "super washed" at our baptism but God keeps washing us over and over again since our flesh is determined to get us dirty by all sorts of means.

When I finished and stood back and looked at how nice and clean his house was -- made me think about how amazing clean the "streets of gold" in heaven will look --- far beyond anything we can even imagine in our sinful lives!

So . . . for me . . . power washing is VERY spiritual and I love it that God comes along with me every single time --- and how He LOVES to see each of us all cleaned up.

Until next time . . . look for God in those "regular" things in your life.  You'll be surprised to find He's right there -- all we have to do is look!                                            Susan and Monty

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