Saturday, June 01, 2013

It's what's called Faith

As I opened my eyes this morning and heard the rain pouring down, my mind was already working overtime.

Where does one go when one's world comes crashing in?

What does one do when one would give the world to feel the physical arms of God wrapped around one?

What does one do when God feels so very far away?

How does one shut out all the "what ifs" that run rampant through ones mind?

How does one deal with pain that goes deeper than ones own soul?

Where does one turn when ones world has been shaken to the core?

"One" must not rely on ones emotions, feelings or thoughts.  "One" must rely on, stand firm on and depend on the promises of God. 

He IS there, feelings or not.

He DOES love, thoughts or not.

He DOES save, what ifs or not.

THIS is what one does.  It's not the easy route, but it's His route. 

Until next time . . . may "ones" road get a few more of the "potholes" filled up.

Blessings to all.                                                            Susan and Monty

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

I am thankful for those moments when He shows me my desperate need of Himself...and then abundntly fills that need. God is good, ALL the time. Love and hugs dear sister in Christ.