Monday, June 10, 2013

NOW . . . it begins

This is the start of my 3rd week of "vacation" from driving the bus.

The first 2 weeks were --- putting it plainly --- terrible!

Now --- starting with week 3 --- my real vacation begins! 

I did go in this morning and was able to get one field trip for this week.  Taking some camp kids to a local pool for a couple of hours on Thursday.   Every Monday we can go in and see if there are any trips we'd like to take.  Every couple of hours will help since we don't get paid for the time off and cannot collect unemployment.

Anyway -- now starts my time to work in my yard, to get ready for our subdivision garage sale, to work in my neighbor lady's yard, to help my neighbor lady even more . . . and to spend time with my grandkids taking them out to the lunch spot of their choice once a week.

Before I know it the calendar will have turned a couple of pages and it will be August 6th and I will be doing my practice bus route to start the following day!

In the meantime --- I pray we have wonderful, not too hot, weather and that God will somehow re-energize me and fill me back up as my gauge is nearing empty!

I would also ask for prayers for Monty as he has been having a really difficult time the past week.  Seems he has Lyme Disease from an imbedded tick and has an allergy to something unknown that brought about one of the worst cases of hives ever!  In 3 days he had 3 steroid injections and still isn't completely clear!  On Saturday morning he was having difficulty breathing with all the swelling everywhere, including inside his mouth.  He may need to see an allergist to determine the cause?  Just remember him in your prayers as he doesn't get the summer off work and in his job it seems he's always got himself in "yuck" --- sewer lines, etc!

Until next time . . . thanks to all of you for your constant love and support and prayers!
Susan and Monty

Another . . . our little Chihuahua, Bitty, has gone deaf.  It happened suddenly so she will be going to the vet today to see if that's normal or if something else is the problem.  She would also appreciate a couple of prayers!!!!!

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