Monday, June 17, 2013

C . . .R . . .A . . .S. . .H . . .

It was a good Father's Day -- got to spend it with my dad and the rest of the family. 

Monty stayed home resting from working 6 days and trying to get rid of more hives (just what he wanted for his Father's Day).

On my way home from my parents' house I was traveling along nicely, in the left lane of one of our one way streets when the small white car next to me decided to make a left turn --- from the right lane!

Big 3/4 ton truck WINS!!!!!!   The little white car no longer has a driver's side mirror, the driver's door no longer opens and all the glass from the window in the door is now inside the car -- all over the driver!  He wasn't hurt and I am also fine.

I left a trail of skid marks about 30 feet long -- trying to avoid him crashing into me -- but it didn't work.  The impact landed my truck in the intersection of the street!  Everything inside my truck went flying -- but me --- thanks to seat belts!

So now I have the fun of getting the estimate and scheduling the repairs.  Since he hit the front tire on my passenger side I have to make sure the collision repair puts it up on a lift to check underneath.

Praise God neither of us was hurt and metal and glass and rubber can be fixed and/or replaced.  But seriously --- you just cannot make a left turn from the right lane of a one way street!!!!!!

Until next time . . . THIS is why I drive a big, really big truck!              Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

So glad the 3/4 ton truck won!