Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Remembering . . . and putting it to use

All the years Monty and I spent in the field --- and of all the things we were involved in ---- all the education God gave us --- and now I get to put some of it to use right here at home!

As you know, I travel to the city just to the south of us each Tuesday morning for Bible Study.  Pastor Martie has been such an amazing influence and strength in my life -- not only through the Bible study but in a personal way.

Today I started being able to give some of that back to her  -- and her church.

They are having a guest evangelist from Kenneth Copeland Ministries come for a 3 day visit in mid July.  On that Saturday they wanted to have a community outreach day.  They've never done anything like this and since Monty and I have been involved with many, many of these I told her I would love to help out in any way I could.

She told me on Sunday that I was an answer to her prayers and she was going to pretty much put the whole thing in my lap!  Yes!!!!!  I was so excited and thankful!

So today we met after Bible Study (for hours) and so many amazing things came from our meeting!  We are going ahead -- full steam -- and Pastor Martie's only responsibility is to "mingle" and watch and soak in all the blessings that God will be pouring out that day!

They've never experienced a community outreach so I told her they both need to buckle up and hang on as Jesus is about to take them on quite the ride!!!!

 In the meantime --- I get to feel that re-energizing feeling of the joy of my salvation and feel life pour through me  --- a wonderful feeling I am so thankful for.

We all would appreciate your prayers over this entire visit, outreach and everyone involved!

Until next time . . . God is so good!!!!!                                         Susan and Monty

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