Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Safety, safety, safety

Spent the first of 3 days up in Indianapolis attending mandatory school bus safety classes.

What a long day!  Me -- sitting still for 8 hours, along with an hour drive each way is a bit "challenging" to put it mildly.

But this first day was educational and not as boring as I had heard about.

Tomorrow we are to focus on discipline --- which should be quite interesting!

On another note, Monty found out today that he most likely has Lyme disease.  We had to remove 2 deer ticks from him a few weeks ago and the past couple of days he's been broken out in this red and very itchy rash with swelling and a headache.  This morning he was really broken out and with such joint pain that he went straight to his doctor.  She diagnosed it and gave him a steroid shot for the rash (which was also Hives) and then put him on some really potent antibiotic.  He has to take it for a full 28 days and that should take care of it.  He felt better after the first pill so let' hope and pray it works 100%. 

I almost have a phobia of ticks and now I think it's not almost!

Hope all of you are doing well.  The stress around here has lessened and I pray that continues.

Until next time . . . watch yourself for ticks --- and school buses!!!                   Susan and Monty
A beautiful pink rose from my Mom's flower garden!  I bet these are all over heaven!!!!

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