Thursday, May 09, 2013

Tell me ONE good thing that comes from it . . .

Sunday evening brought an "episode" into our lives that I feel I must share. 

It wasn't "fun" or "joyful" or "exciting" but it packed a big lesson.

We headed out to run an errand and as we went down the road we passed one of the many taverns here in town.  Although there is a law in Indiana that no alcohol can be sold or served on Sundays unless it's a restaurant that also sells food -- this tavern is known to somehow get around that law.

As we passed something caught the corner of my eye just as Monty told me there was a man lying on the parking lot of the tavern and we should turn around quickly and go back. As I was turning he made the call to 911.  We didn't know much at the beginning but within 30 seconds we were stopped in the parking lot and out of the truck.

This gentleman was lying on his back, his legs twisted and a bump on his forehead literally the size of a goose egg.  That bump had a cut in the center of it and he had also urinated all over himself. 

He was out cold and at first I thought he might not be alive.  I checked for a pulse and found one but his breathing was shallow. 

As soon as we pulled up some of his fellow "friends" came out of the tavern, most of them stumbling and slurring and trying to figure out what had happened.  They all said he left the tavern and was walking to his apartment directly across the street.

One guy in particular made me angrier than I've been in I can't remember when!  He was obviously drunk beyond remembering anything and was determined to kick this gentleman lying on the parking lot to wake him up!  He was way too verbal and although others tried to get him to go back inside they weren't having any luck.  Numerous times I gritted my teeth and told them to "get him away from here" but each time he got closer.  I am honestly telling you that it took God holding my hands onto the gentleman on the ground to keep me from standing up and giving that guy the biggest right hook I could muster!

Monty was still on the phone with 911 and as we heard the sirens the rest of the crowd decided to quite quickly return to the inside of the tavern. 

One gentleman stayed outside for a few minutes and made the comment to Monty, "that's me in 20 years!"  I heard Monty talking to him and telling him that "it doesn't have to be . . ." and as they stepped aside the authorities showed up and he also went back inside.

By now the gentleman on the ground was trying to wake up and figure out what was going on.  I asked him name - twice - and twice he gave me a different name. 

He was in and out of consciousness and finally the ambulance arrived.  They did allow him to sit up and managed to get him onto their stretcher.   The police asked us a few questions and then allowed us to leave.

For many, many years I have been radically against alcohol.  I've seen it destroy people, families, friends -- so many innocent people.  I have been accused of being too radical.  Go ahead and accuse me but I dare you to tell me ONE good thing that comes from consuming alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This gentleman was an example of how demonic alcohol really is.  Yes, I used the word demonic!

We have tried to find out how the gentleman is but with no name - - - no luck.

We have prayed for him every single night as we sit down to dinner.  Praying for his health, his release and his freedom to see the lies satan has told him and to feel the love God has for him!

Will you join us in this prayer?  Not only for this gentleman --- but for the millions of lives destroyed by alcohol.   Thank you.

Until next time . . .  bless him Lord, bless him, and thanks for using us for those few short minutes.  May the seeds You planted through us take root and grow!               Susan and Monty

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