Thursday, May 16, 2013

God's "89"

The day finally came for me to "select" my bus route for next year.

Being the low man on the totem pole I was the 2nd to last to select. 

I had looked through the 4 huge books with all the new routes detailed out.  We heard they were all going to change but none of us realized just how drastically. 

My route just doesn't exist for next year.  They did work smart -- they have divided up my students so much that driving them will be much easier -- on the kids as well as the driver.

My plan was to hopefully take the route with most of my elementary kids on it.  My plan wasn't God's plan!

All along this process I just felt the sense that I should "keep 89".  That's my current bus number and route number.  But as I searched through all the books I realized that route didn't exist as I know it so just gave up and said that God would direct me to the route I was supposed to have.  He brought me to this one so why stop trusting now?

As I took one last look at the book that by now only had a handful of routes left I listened to the woman in front of me take the route I was going to take.  I didn't really want it because it meant I would drive a smaller bus and I like driving the big one but . . .

After she selected and left the room it was my turn.  Not knowing what to do I just looked at the supervisor and made the comment that I would just like to continue driving the big bus.

She looked at me and smiled and said, "Susan, route 89 is still available!"

And she was right -- route 89 is indeed a new route -- but the bus is still the same!

So . . . God telling me to stay with 89 didn't mean the route ---- it meant the bus!

As we looked over this new route and discovered that it is on the complete opposite side of town, runs through the university campus and is literally filled with foreign students --- I heard God tell me that THIS is the one!

Will I miss my current kids?  Surprisingly ---- YES!!!!   I haven't had the heart to tell them and so far they have forgotten that I have finally found out.  They've been asking for weeks but for now . . .

But --- I am super excited to see what God has in store for this next route!  I couldn't pronounce one of the students names if I had to!  They are from all over the world -- literally!  What I do know is that it's going to be exciting and that God will be showing up BIG time!

I am so thankful to know His voice, to hear His guidance and to gladly put my trust in His plan -- not mine!

Until next time . . . 89 is a good number!                                        Susan and Monty

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