Sunday, May 26, 2013

He took 2nd place!!!

Last Saturday Monty competed in a local shotgun shoot.  They shot 10 rounds of clay pigeons and in the end --- he came out in 2nd place!!!! 

An amazing feat in itself -- but he was competing against some of the best who have been doing this for years -- and with a "not so expensive" shotgun that he had never shot before!

His form was to perfection.  One by one he hit the shots while others missed.  It was so much fun being on the side lines watching each of them step off the line and see him remain.

The smile on his face speaks for itself!  It's nice to go out and have some fun every once in awhile!

I just got off the phone with a dear friend of ours who we attended missions training school with,   graduated with and had the pleasure of working together with in Texas after hurricane Ike struck in 2008.   Lance and Brenda also have a heart for those hurting after disasters.  I returned his call this afternoon and he and around 26 other men are on the outskirts of Moore, OK with chainsaws, skid steers and dozers clearing debris and cutting trees.  He said they will be there for maybe 2 weeks.  They have also brought in 11 semi loads of supplies.  Their name?  God's Pit Crew.  I would encourage looking them up online at and think about making a donation to them.  While in Texas (for one week) they rebuilt a church, parsonage and put a new roof on the pastor's home -- all in that one week.  We will be in touch with them on a regular basis and try and give you updates as we get them. 

Lance did ask if we were headed that way.  Our answer --- we don't have enough disaster funds to fuel our trucks to even get them out of Indiana!  So . . . for now we will stay in contact with them and see what God has in store for all of us.

Until next time . . . God bless Lance, Brenda and their 2 small children as they continue being the hands and feet of Jesus!                                                                            Susan and Monty

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