Sunday, May 05, 2013


Things have transpired that make me believe I need to clarify our missionary status.

Yes, we are still missionaries and yes, we are still with International Gospel Outreach (IGO).

Yes, the disaster relief website with IGO has been removed since we are not currently "in the field".

When we left south Texas following nearly 2 years of rebuilding from hurricane Ike it was because God told us to leave.

God calls and God releases and unless  you have felt or heard either -- it's difficult to understand.  We have heard both and know the voice of our Lord.

He called us to Mississippi on His timing.  He called us back to Mississippi the second time.  He called us to Columbus, IN (my hometown) following the floods and He then called us from there to south Texas. 

The time we spend in the fields all depends on Him. 

When He called us home in June of 2010 we had (and still have) no idea for how long.

His call had us right here at home when the tornado went through in May of 2011.

He did not call us to go to the east coast following hurricane Sandy.  We have plenty of connections there and have sent many a volunteer -- but we were and are not called to go.  Believe me, we questioned Him on that one but as always -- He knows what's right.

And here we are --- still home. 

Some folks feel we have completely stepped out of the mission field.  In the physical sense they are right. 

But --- what about the realization that one of the largest mission fields is right here at home --- the one no one sees (or wants to see) and the most difficult to reach.

While we are here we continue to follow His calling, listening to His voice and trying our best to be obedient.  Is it easy?  Absolutely not and definitely yes -- both answers are correct.

Will God call us to once again leave home, family and friends and physically go back out into the field?  We don't have the answer to that question.  We ask it ourselves and have probably been asked that question a million times.

What we do know is that we will continue our missionary work wherever God has us living and for however long He keeps us there. 

It is nice to be home, to sit down on a real couch in the evening and to sleep in a bed with plenty of room.  It's extra nice to shower in a full size shower and not to have to empty sewer tanks on the trailer.

But if God tells us to hitch up that trailer and "go" --- we will be ready and we will go!

Until then, our own backyard, our own neighborhood, our own city --- that's our mission field.

I hope this has answered some of your questions.

Until next time . . . our deepest thanks to those of you who STILL support us and pray for us!  YOU are our own personal angels!                                       Susan and Monty

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