Saturday, May 04, 2013


As the old saying goes, "kids will be kids."

And some will be a bit more kid than others.

A few days ago I had a little boy try and get on my bus after school.  He is more than 10 handfuls and as soon as I was given this route I looked over the listing of children who are supposed to be riding.  This little guys name was not on my listing.  He was to be riding one of the other buses that passes through his neighborhood.

I informed the school assistant principal and all was well.

Until the other day.

As he tried to come aboard the bus I stopped him and told him (again) that he did not ride this bus but the other one.  He argued and said he was now riding this one.  I re-informed him and he got off -- in a huff.

I double checked with transportation when my routes where done, making sure something hadn't changed.  Nothing had.  I also ran into the driver of the bus he should be on and she informed me he had been kicked off that bus indefinitely!  And when anyone is kicked off one bus -- it goes for all the buses -- and it's the responsibility of the school to inform the parents and the child.

So I thought all was well and on we went.

Until Thursday afternoon.  Here he came again trying to get on the bus.  This time he had a note that he told me was from his mother!?  When I opened it and noticed it was printed with orange marker and looked nothing like what a mother would write, "**** rides bus ****"  

I challenged him and told him I didn't believe his mother wrote the note.  He argued and argued until I took the note and wrote my name and phone number on it telling him to have his mother call me asap.  Of course she never called.  I didn't expect her to.

It would be one thing if he was a well behaved little guy --- or even tried to be --- but he is more than double the work of any of the others on the bus.  I sat him in the front seat directly behind me but still it was chaos until the minute he got off the bus!

Once again I went to transportation and they once again verified he is not to ride my bus, or any bus.

So I called the assistant principal and she assured me she would be speaking with his mother -- she has her on speed dial!

So yesterday afternoon, as the assistant principal stood next to the door of my bus as the kids got on board -- he did not try and ride.

He was busted --- big time --- and yet this child is out there --- trying to get through life any way he can think of --- lying when it benefits him and who knows what else. 

And he is 7 years old ---- yes, 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It made for a great "lesson" to relay to the rest of the kids on the bus.  The bus you are assigned to ride is the only bus you ride!  They got the message.  Now if they can just get the message of "sit down and stay seated" we will have scored success!!!!!!     :)

Until next time . . . remember to pray for the little children!                          Susan and Monty

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