Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday.  My last one in this decade.  Honestly I wasn't looking forward to it and felt nearly too tired to enjoy it or make many plans.

But it has been a wonderful day.

Early this morning I got our yard mowed (rain in the forecast and they were correct).  You have to understand that I love mowing grass and think the best summer work would be to be mowing all day long -- the big open areas!

Monty and I then went out for a great breakfast at our favorite Mom and Pop restaurant where we are considered family instead of customers.

We then went to see our grandkids who had presents for me.  They gave me the biggest cupcake I know I've ever seen, a beautiful card they signed themselves and a rose bush -- which I will enjoy planting next week.

I took my sewing machine so my daughter could try and recover her own pillows.  We did them last summer and I did the sewing so this was going to be a challenge for her.  She did have trouble early on with the threading of the machine but mastered it after watching a U Tube video.  They really do have videos on absolutely everything. 

From there we were off to buy flowers for me to plant next week.  I got some beautiful ones and after I pull up a few old nasty shrubs it will be beautiful once again.

A short rest in the late afternoon before heading out to a fantastic dinner at one of the best places in town but we don't go often because it's a bit pricey!  But surprise --- my daughter and family got us a gift card for just that place so we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner.!  Thanks Stacy!

While there I got a voice mail from our "family with 10 kids" -- Cheryl and team who sang a beautiful birthday song that brought tears of joy streaming down my cheeks!  I miss them all so much!

We decided to walk around the mall for a bit and ran into my daughter and family once again.  Got to visit with them twice in one day -- perfect present!

Facebook had numerous birthday wishes and I even got a few phone calls.

It's been a good day, a good birthday --- and I should be sending all these wishes to my mom --- she's the one that made life possible for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks Mom -- love you!

Until next time . . . love and thanks to all.                                           Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

Miss you too girl! So glad your special day was filled with happiness. Love you!