Friday, May 24, 2013

It's the Last Day

The day my bus kids have been looking forward to since the beginning of their school year.  The day we've been counting down to for weeks.


As I drove them all to school this morning I had mixed feelings.  Excitement that it is indeed the last day and I won't need to get up at 5am each morning and yet sadness that I won't see these bus kids of mine each day.  I guess my heart is just too big sometimes!

I have grown attached to so many of them and surprisingly -- the ones who are the worst behaved.

Yesterday afternoon it actually dawned on one of my boys, age 7, that today is the last day!  He asked me atleast 5 times if that meant that when I took him home today I would not be coming back on Monday!  To hear the lack of excitement in his voice, to realize he is NOT looking forward to the summer -- broke my heart!

But -- it IS the last day.

We are having a "last day of school / day before my birthday" party on the ride home today.  I have packed small bags with popcorn, M&Ms and pretzels and yes -- the will be able to eat on the bus!  It will most likely take me an hour to clean up after them but . . . it IS the last day of school!

I would ask that you continue praying for these kids.  I may never see some of them for the rest of my life -- but they have touched my life forever and I am changed for the better for knowing and loving them!

Until next time . . . Happy Summer Bus 89 kids!  Love you!                              Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

How precious that you are making this day so special for the kids. Your compassion is convicting. Happy last day and hope you have a GREAT birthday! Love you girl!