Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Divinely Connected

You might wonder how in the world disaster relief and school bus driving could possibly be connected?

God has His ways!

We had quite the stormy night here.  The tornado sirens were blaring around 1:30am and even though I told Monty I didn't want to be awakened if they went off (4:30 am just comes tooooo early) he must have thought I really needed to know anyway!!!!!

Winds blew and rains crashed and God protected us!

But then comes this morning!  Want to know what, if any, damage there might be out there?  Just become a school bus driver.  We are all over the county and if there is a tree down, power lines down, fences down with horses out, buildings damaged --- one of us will know about it!

The radios were more than busy with the reports of trees, power lines and fences but nothing about any homes being damaged.  Sure quicker and much more accurate reporting than anything on the TV or internet!!!!

One bus did need some rescuing as she was in the power line mess but all turned out fine.

My route saw quite a bit of tree debris but that's it.

When Jane from Catholic Charities of Southern Indiana called me for a report of our county I could confidently tell her that as of an hour ago no reports of damaged homes had come in.  That doesn't mean that some might have sustained some minor damage and need some repairs --- but nothing significant and we thank God for His protection --- once again.

So being in disaster relief and being a school bus driver ARE divinely connected --- leave it to God to put those two together!!!!    I love how He works!

Until next time . . . God is good ---- all the time!                                    Susan and Monty

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