Friday, January 04, 2013

Happy New Year

Here we are -- a brand new year.  Time to move forward in anticipation of what God has in store for us!  Exciting!

Our new year has had us covered in snow and me shoveling way more than I want to!  Took me another 90 minutes yesterday morning to uncover Monty's truck! 

I do love being out in the snow in the early mornings.  It acts like insulation and makes life so quiet and still.  All I can hear is the singing of the birds on my feeders -- sounds like they are thanking me for feeding them.

Yesterday Monty got the 16 staples removed from his foot surgery and although the doc talks about how good it looks -- it took Monty awhile to get the color back in his face after the process!  Tonight he was able to take his first shower in 2 weeks and once again -- he turned a bit more than pale by the time he was done!

I have been especially busy with Ms Gladys the past few days.  She also needs shoveled out so she can get her back door open and let her little Benji out to do his business.  She called early this week and was in a tizzy -- she had opened the bag of frozen chicken breasts instead of the ones already cooked and wondered why she couldn't break up the meat! 

She also called me asking for a 1/2 cup measuring cup so she could do her laundry.  Somehow she lost the other one.  She needed me to set the washer temperature controls and I am still amazed at how she manages as she does!  She has been having terrible muscular pains in her back and side.  Years ago she broke her shoulder and arm and her little back has a curve in it and those muscles have just been giving her fits.  I've been rubbing muscle cream on nearly every day but don't know how much relief she is really getting.  Let's all send some prayers up for her as she needs some relief!

Heard today that my granddaughter has strep throat.  She is 4 years old and this didn't present anything like strep throat so good thing they went to the doctor.  With her meds she should feel much better tomorrow -- and hopefully well enough to come and spend the evening with us as Mom and Dad have plans.  More prayers please.

As I look toward this new year and wonder what all God has in store I also remember how He's always had the perfect plan and pray that I will have wisdom to be obedient to follow His plan, no matter what!  He promises to go above and beyond anything I could even imagine and I've seen Him do this in my past and pray He continues to do so --- and I know He will.

Our prayer is that you are also looking forward to this new year with expectant joy!

God is good --- all the time.

Until next time . . . and his angels are always working overtime!                      Susan and Monty


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Charlotte Moore said...

Susan, I found your blog on Cheryl's Treasure fro a Shoebox. I was just wondering what does the amp stand for in blog name? I have seen this on lots and lots of email, blogs, and other things. Just wondered what it means. I am not very computer savvy so there is lots I am unsure of.