Sunday, January 13, 2013

". . . what we hope for will actually happen . . ."

It's been an interesting week -- to put it mildly.  Thus the reason I haven't written in a few days.

As you know, I am now a school bus driver.  I thought getting through the testing process was the biggest hurdle but God has put another "jump" right in front of me.

The usual routine for a new driver is to be a sub until a route comes available and you are selected to take the route.  You wait each morning and each afternoon to see what route you are given for that time.  Study quick and off you go.  Last week I drove a couple of regular routes and a couple "special needs" routes.  All came with lessons learned.  Some lessons bigger than others but all important.

At the beginning of the week there were quite a few open routes posted on the board at the transportation office.  Each is just given a number and that is also the number of the bus driving the route.  I sort of laughed as I put my name on each one - knowing I am low man on the totem pole as the newest driver.  All the routes had numerous names already signed up -- but one.  As I wrote my name down on that one I had another driver approach me and let me know that I did NOT want that route.  It's labeled as the worst route -- the one nobody wants -- the famous route!  As I finished writing my name down I said a very short prayer, "God, if you want me to have this route You will provide all I need to accomplish it."  Done and done.

Everyone was happy to tell me just why that was "the" route.  Doesn't have much to do with the actual driving -- it's the kids.  Not the junior and senior high -- the elementary!  Behavior problems, language problems --- you name it and it's been labeled.  I still held on to my little prayer.  After all -- I've survived living and working out of the 9th and lower 9th wards of New Orleans!    :)

To my utter shock and surprise, I received a call on Friday afternoon telling me I was awarded the route!  I was thrilled.  I wasn't too thrilled about never knowing what route I would be taking in being a sub.  New bus, new route and new kids each time.  I am one who likes to know ahead of time so I can plan --yes --- organized to a fault for sure!

Anyway -- the stories about that route kept coming and I don't know if everyone was happy I got the route or just happy they didn't!?

I had a meeting with 3 of the transportation supervisors and we have a good plan for tomorrow - the first day I will have the route.  I think it's a good plan and maybe we can keep it in place for more than one day.

As I thought about what had just happened --- being "speed" trained in order to pass my testing before the holidays and now getting a route when I am so very new --- I knew God had a plan.

I've seen His plans before and although I am always a bit confused in the beginning I know all He wants and needs is my "yes" and that I don't need to know the "how."  That in itself is calming.

So -- He has already given me some affirmations that He has it under control and that He is giving me an opportunity here to do something for Him.  I have also learned to watch for those things as signs I am on His track.

This morning's church service I was given quite a few more of those affirmations.

Just a few lines from some of the songs we sang;
"slow to anger, rich in love"
"mountains bow down"
"be my light, be my path, be my guide"


And then Pastor Dave's message was on FAITH!   The subject was Noah and his faith of building the ark when he'd never even seen rain before -- not to mention it took him 120 years to build the thing!

Noah's small steps of faith led to a huge thing!  A huge life-saving and life-giving thing!

Psalm 119:105 says, "Your Word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path."   Each morning when I go out to start my bus it's pitch dark.  Even when I finish the first half of my route it's still dark.  I need to know where the controls are on the bus, I need to be able to see the kids in the dark and I need to see where I am driving in the dark.  I am standing on that scripture!!

Another scripture rang home;  the Message translation of part of Hebrews 11:7 --- "He was warned about something he couldn't see and acted on what he was told."  Reminded me of all the warnings I got about even signing up for this route and yet having a peace inside knowing it was a God-thing.

In Genesis 6:22 "Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him . . ."  and things turned out pretty well for Noah when he did!  Again -- standing on that scripture!

And part of Matthew 6: 25-33 says "your heavenly Father already knows ALL your needs."  So if He already knows then I am going to do my very best to remember that, to not stress too much and to do the best I can to show these children who are hurting, who are confused, who have tough home lives, who are lost in so many ways --- the love Jesus had for the little children!

I ask you to join me in that prayer!  I know the children and myself can use all the prayers we can get!  And I thank you ahead of time for them!

I may not be able to use the words "God" or "Jesus" or anything else that can be constrewed "religious" but I can also get His love across without words!  Pray for me, please!  And pray for them!

"Lord, help me do what's right, give me Your eyes, Your heart and Your love --- along with an ark full of patience!!!!!"

Until next time . . . is God pulling you out of your comfort zone?  If so--- jump in --- the water's fine!
Susan and Monty

Oh yea --- can someone help me help Webster's Dictionary redefine "disaster"?????  I think I'm about to step into yet another one!    :)

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Cheryl said...

He will equip you to do all He is calling you to do...just as in disaster relief. Love you girl; and sending up an extra prayer for you today!