Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Jesus loves the little children . . ." Even these!

I can't believe it's only Wednesday!

By the end of Monday I felt like it was Friday!

By the end of yesterday I thought a year had passed!  I almost wished it had!

The past 2 days of driving my own school bus route have been . . . well, I don't think there are proper words --- although I've heard more improper words over the past 3 days than I even knew existed!

I am amazed at how most of my children on the bus don't even have the basic life skills.  Respect must be a foreign language.  Love is lost somewhere.  Compassion doesn't exist.  Patience hasn't even been heard of.  Peace . . . not in their worlds!

On my elementary route my bus is at its capacity of 84 kids with over half of them 2nd grade and younger.  They use language that would make a sailor blush.  They are exhausted when they get on the bus and not thrilled to be getting off after school.

The middle school and high school . . . I keep telling myself they are not a lost cause.  There is still hope, there is still time . . . to show them there is another way in life, a better way, a loving way.

I have been called every name in the book -- and some that aren't even in the book -- I've been "confronted" by a student and against all the suggestions -- I did not kick her off the bus.  I believe all these children know is being in trouble.  It's the only thing that is familiar in their worlds.

When this particular student got on the bus this morning, her head was down and her mouth stayed shut.  As I said good morning she continued looking down. 

When she got off the bus this evening she said goodbye as I thanked her for having a better day.  She looked at me like I had spoken a foreign language to her.  Maybe I had?

On the afternoon route home with the elementary I had to stop the bus 4 times -- just to get most of them in their seats.  They don't know the basics of just sitting down. 

Now I understand kids will be kids and none of them sit well --- but these don't sit at all -- even when they are told.  We have assigned seats and that does help in some form.

So - - - we will be working on skill #1 --- "sit".  When we master that skill there will be many more following -- more than enough to get us to the end of the school year.  We may not get past "sit" but I will continue to hold fast to the promise God has given all of us in that He will provide us everything we need to do what He has called us to do.  In that promise I don't need to know how to reach these kids.  I do need to know how to love -- no matter what -- just as He did and just as He does with each one of us.

Jesus DOES love the little children - all the children in the world,
Red, yellow, black and white
All are precious in His sight,
Jesus DOES love the little children of the world -- even these!

So . . . I will do my best to do the same and hope, with ever fiber of my being, that they will just catch a glimpse of Him and feel a single drop of His love!

Please pray for these children -- they need it more than you (or I) can imagine!  Thank you.

Until next time . . . another definition of the word "disaster" has emerged!
Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

I don't know if this will help or not, but I remind my children from time to time that my main focus must be on the road and that when they do things to distract me, it puts all of us in danger, as I must look away from the road.

I am in awe of the hefty assignment the Lord has called you to. But I know of no one else who is more suited for the job! Praying the Lord will love each of these lost children through you, my friend, and strengthen you through the battle.