Saturday, January 26, 2013

It should be so simple . . .

Little Bitty does it so well!!!!!

It seems so simple --- SIT  !!!!!

And yet they don't!

It's been quite a week in school bus driving! 

I have cursed satan daily and in the name of Jesus commanded that he let go of these little children and let them see that there is another way!  Evidently I need to do that more than daily!

Monday we were off for Martin Luther King Jr. day.

Tuesday we were delayed 2 hours due to extreme cold.  Most were glad to get back to school as it seems to be the only routine thing in their lives.  We may not like to admit it but we do like routine.

Wednesday school begins an hour later anyway.  The high school kids were a bit difficult in the afternoon but I did feel as though they are getting the point.  It's very basic --- if I see anyone not sitting --- I just stop the bus ---- and we don't move until they sit.  No words!  They don't seem to work anyway.  So far this seems to be working.  So much so that when we actually stop to let kids off they look around to see if someone is not sitting!    :)

Thursday wasn't really too bad.  The usual but okay.

Friday morning --- all hell broke loose!  Yes, it's a bad word but it's appropriate!  The high school were fine but the elementary?  I can't begin to describe everything!  I ended up kicking 5 of them off for Monday.  One is kicked off for 3 days --- and he is 7 years old! 

My ah-ha moment?  Finding out that nearly 95% of these little ones aren't given breakfast at home!  They get on the bus hungry.  This one little one needs medication each morning -- which must be taken with food --- so he hasn't had food or meds when he gets on the bus!  He got up from his seat, crossed the line on the floor and got directly in my face telling me he was going to punch me and there was nothing I could do about it!   It was beyond belief!

3 more were "tussling" at the bus stop (a brother with twin sisters) and that tussle carried into the bus.  The sad thing?  There were 2 "adults" at the bus stop watching!!!!!  These are 4th and 5th graders so they are all off for Monday!

By Friday afternoon I had put up new name tags above the seats.  All the elementary have assigned seats and before then they were just names on white pieces of paper.  I found a pad of paper that is the shape of a dog -- a big red dog.  So each one now has a big red dog with their name on it. 

A dog?  you are thinking.  

What's one of the first things you teach a dog to do?   SIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I told them that we now have 84 big red dogs around the top of the bus and that should remind them to SIT down!  Only time will tell.

I brought suckers for the high school and thanked them for learning to sit!  They smiled and some had an expression of amazement that I even thought to bring them anything!

So . . . I will continue to try and reach them all.  I pray for the eyes, heart and mind of Jesus each day.  I know He has a special place in His heart for each one and I pray He will use me to just make a "crack" so His love can start seeping through!

It's not easy!  It's sometimes not so fun!  But He called me to do this -- to drive this bus --- with these kids --- and all I can do is what He tells me.  I know He has the ultimate plan.  That in itself is what I will continue to stand on!  I've done it before and seen the miracles so I won't stop now!

These kids are our upcoming generation and each one is worth it!

Until next time . . . Lord give me the strength!                              Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

LOVE the picture and the analogy. I cracked up...SIT! Sounds like you're getting through on some level! Praying the Lord keeps you safe and that Jesus will love these children through you.