Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Driving . . . Day 1

You'd be amazed at how many people just don't "see" the big yellow bus!!    :)

I drove Ms Joyce's route and bus both this morning and this afternoon.  No big episodes, just streets a bit narrower than normal with the snow piled up along the sides.  Great kids and a route all in town. 

But my nerves were on edge all day.  I didn't realize just how much till the end of the day!  Made me smile.

I did apply for a bus route today instead of remaining a sub.  They posted 4 and I applied for each one.  There was one that no one else had applied for  --- and after talking with the superintendent I found out why.  Seems the roads aren't the "problem" --- it's the kids.  The route picks up all the kids in government housing and no one has been able to continue the route.  Sounds like there are troubles and more troubles and even after hearing all the horror stories I still would like to take this route. 

After years in disaster relief Monty and I have had numerous conversations about how the children are the ones who get lost in the shuffle of things.  This situation is about the same.  Generations repeating themselves just because it's all they know.  Kids crave attention and if they aren't able to get it in positive ways -- we all know the end of that sentence!  Maybe I am being naive or blind or whatever --- but I think if kids are shown love and respect, over time, they will learn to show it right back.  Kids become what we expect them to become.  I have no idea if I will get this route, I am leaving it up to God as I know He has a plan - the best plan.

Either way, these kids and their entire families need our prayers!

The highlight of my day?  I was finally able to return to Bible Study!!!!!!  And my, oh, my didn't I need that!  It was good to see all my friends again and I felt alot better after being energized once again by Pastor Martie's message. 

Her big news?  The Ecuadorian pastors and wives are returning in a couple of weeks!  And they are going to host a revival which should be beyond amazing!!! If you're in the area you should make it a point to come --- it will be life changing -- guaranteed!

It was both a Monday and a Tuesday combined.  Somewhat confusing but wonderful all the same!

Until next time . . . Jesus loves the little children.                                  Susan and Monty

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