Monday, January 07, 2013

He's pooped!

First of all --- to address Charlotte's question --- I have no idea why the "amp" is listed as it is -- must be a Google thing?  It's always been that way and although I've tried to change it -- it goes right back!

Today was Monty's first day back to work.  It's only been 2 weeks since his foot surgery and even though the doctor suggested he take another week off -- he insisted on returning to work today.  He worked hard yesterday to get his work boot on and did well.

By 4:00 pm he came walking in the door --- with a bit more of a limp than he left with this morning!  Said he did fine but was "just done."  It took all of 10 minutes before he was snoring in his chair!  I know it wasn't the most comfortable thing to do but being off for 2 weeks hurts the wallet a bit and I love him for going back (well, I love him for alot more than that but . . . )

And tomorrow is the first day of school here and my official start as a school bus driver.  I am excited and hope to be able to get my own route soon.  So many of the kids seem like the bus driver is the first smiling face they've seen that morning.  Makes me wonder if it's also the last one they see of the day? 

I am anxious to have the opportunity to show each child the love Jesus has for them -- words not necessary.  Over the years of disaster relief and interviews by radio and television -- some welcoming the Word of God and others making sure His Words were cut from the tape -- we have learned to show the love of God without using any words!  To be able to show this to children is such a blessing and something I am looking forward to.

Now --- being at the transportation department at 5:45AM each morning ----- not looking forward to that quite so much.  Will be adjusting my own bedtime a bit!   :)

It's a new year with new opportunities awaiting.  God's got another amazing plan and all He asks is for us to say "yes."  I've already said yes so I wait expectantly to what He has up His almighty sleeve.

Until next time . . . blessings to all.                                     Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

You're gonna be GREAT at this!!! Love you girl!