Tuesday, February 05, 2013

"In Him . . ."

I'm trying!

It's hard!

At Bible study this morning Pastor Martie said if we look through a persons faults we will see their hurts.  We're not to focus on the faults -- just love them as God does.

I'm trying!

I've been able to work in some of the toughest situations ever in disaster relief.  And for years on end.

Bus driving this route is different.  It's harder.

As I try to lean on God's direction and wisdom and love I find my own "flesh" getting in the way. 


Today is Tuesday.  The first route of the morning had one of my 4th grade girls hitting one of the boys in the face.  Non provoked, she just punched him.  When he cried, she laughed.  I didn't see it happen (for once I think I had my eyes on the road and not the rear view mirror) but I did hear the other kids telling me what happened.  I immediately pulled the bus to the side of the road, turned on the flashers and went to that seat to investigate.  She wasn't at all phased by his crying.  She said he "got in her face" and she didn't like that!  This little boy is one of my VERY well behaved kids and I knew this was an out and out lie.  When I questioned her even further she continued to laugh.  And as I turned to go back to driving and radioed for the principal of the school to meet me she just continued laughing.  The school suspended her from the bus for tomorrow.

This afternoon I have high school kids who don't seem to think it's necessary to sit down -- no matter what I say.  Stopping the bus is the only way to get their attention and so far that seems to be working.

I know these elementary kids are hurting.  All they know is being in trouble.  That's comfortable to them. 

What they don't know is love and acceptance.  But how do I get that through to them?  I know their faults are based from their needs -- to be loved and accepted.  No one cares about them.  They are "throw away" kids and they know it.  Most all of them only eat 2 meals each day -- both provided by the school.  Every morning they get on the bus tired (no bedtimes exist), hungry and angry.  What a combination!

Scripture tells me that "in Him" I can do anything.  I believe it and I believe Him!

But this is still hard . . .

Until next time. . . disaster with another meaning is still a disaster!                  Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

Just know that you are being lifted up before the Throne each time you come to mind. Learning to love like Jesus is perhaps the hardest lesson(s) for us to learn!