Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting ready to go again

School was closed today in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. 

I needed the extra day!    :)

After my last blog entry things did take another turn --- a big one!

On Wednesday afternoon one of the smaller elementary students, who needs to be strapped into one of the special seats, decided he wasn't going to move his backpack to enable buckling him in.  Before I even knew it he had slapped me across the face, sending my glasses flying 3 seats back.  How in the world they didn't get stepped on was the work of an angel for sure!

Needless to say he is suspended from riding the bus!  For how long?  I will know more tomorrow. 

Thursday wasn't quite as eventful and I still continued having different monitors morning and afternoons.

Friday morning I had a male monitor who pretty much had things under control, or as much as they can be under control on my bus!

Friday afternoon we were short drivers and monitors so for the first time I was flying solo.  I will admit that my nerves were just about to get the better of me until I was walking out to my bus and prayed (outloud), "Lord, it's just you and me and there better be alot more of you than me because me is just about depleted!"

As always, He heard my prayer and although I can't use the word "good" -- they were better. 

I told the high school that the only way they would get home was to sit down.  Each time I looked up in the mirror and saw someone not sitting, I stopped the bus and waited.  Didn't take long before a voice from the back said, "I just want to go home."  My reply?  "Then just sit down!" 

Same for the elementary and it only took stopping 4 times on each route before they got the idea and knew if they ever wanted to reach home they must sit down.

I know it seems like the simplest request -- but that's just the way it is on my bus.  These kids have no structure, no guidelines, no rules, no respect and no family life at home!  The basics are where we are starting, "sit."

Tomorrow is a new day, a new week and hopefully a new realization with the kids.  Or atleast I can pray that it is.

Please join me in that prayer!!!!!

I know God has called me to this bus --- to these kids --- and that He will give me everything I need to reach them --- I know that!  And I must continue to repeat it to myself!    :)

Until next time . . .  Jesus continues to love the little children!              Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

Great job! Tell 'em the way it is...then stick by your word. Wow! Those parents have no idea how grateful they should be to you for teaching their children much more than just "sit"; you're effectively teaching them respect. You amaze me lady! :)