Monday, October 08, 2012

Roller Coaster

First of all, thanks for the prayers for Monty's back injury.  He went back to the chiropractor this morning as getting out of bed was more than difficult due to the pain.  He missed work today and will hopefully be doing better tomorrow after some major icing of the areas. 

I started the morning at Don's.  I was going to finish the flooring since Monty loaned me his jigsaw but decided to get the major portion of the master bedroom painted instead.  Mark is working on the sheetrock in the newly rebuilt area and I knew I could get the old part painted and then hopefully can have the new part done before the carpet installers arrive on Wednesday morning. 

My main problem was getting all the furniture out of the bedroom for the carpet installers.  I made a quick call to Don and since he was off work today he was able to get out there and remove everything from the room!  How awesome this was for me since that furniture was big -- and way too much for me!

Maybe tomorrow I can get the flooring done or I may wait until the carpet installers are there and work on that at the same time?  Depends on when the rest of the bedroom is ready for paint.

Don is planning on moving back in as soon as the room is done so hopefully that can be Wednesday.  Pray for us all.   :)

When I finished with the painting I needed to help Monty with some things at home.  No lifting for him so here I was . . . and we got everything done.

As I went to take care of Ms Gladys and walk her little dog I was glad to see that one of her granddaughters had taken her to lunch!  She was so excited when she got home --- until she got a phone call.  (now remember that she is nearly 89 years old and blind).  Someone called her home phone and told her she owed a substantial amount of money and that if she didn't take care of it right there on the phone the police would be at her door to arrest her!  She was so very upset and told me that the Holy Spirit told her this was a scam.  Her granddaughter was still there and tried to call the number back and talk with them.  All she got was someone with a foreign accent who told her not to call there again!

Satan is such an ugly and vile thing and reaching out to try and bring fear and confusion into this little elderly lady's life just makes me so upset!  I am thankful she realized it was a scam but realizing that didn't calm her down -- the fear was already there!  As I took my walk to take her trash to the dumpster I once again (outloud) cursed satan and his plans and in the name of Jesus blessed her and her house!  (I think other neighbors may have been ready to call the men in the white coats to come and get me)!!!

And now I prepare for this evening -- 2 important meetings.  The first one is a question and answer meeting about the possiblity of getting a grant for the COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster).  This is something that would be a major blessing and so please pray that God will intervene and put His hand of provision into the works.

The second meeting (thanks to Bev scheduling for me) is the Town Council meeting where I will be able to share about COAD.  We need more organizations involved and in order for them to consider it they need to know who we are and what we do and plan to do.

Both meetings are extremely important and back to back.  I pray God will give me the words I need and take away the ones I don't.  Please join me in that prayer!

Until next time . . . as our Jersey team always said, "yea God -- boo devil"      Susan and Monty

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