Monday, October 22, 2012

All Over the Place

These past few days have literally been all over the place.

Let me back up . . .

The HeavenNevaeh team of men returned to Don's on Thursday and Friday afternoons last week and did an amazing job rebuilding the subflooring in his hallway and installing the new flooring.  They even jumped in and started cleaning his household furniture and moving it back inside the house as we had stored it in the back two rooms that are just gutted out -- so we could get all the flooring installed.  They set up his bedroom and now as soon as he has the gas turned back on he is ready to move home!  We will continue working on rebuilding the back bedrooms as time and volunteers permit.  Don has said he will be continually working on them also -- as soon as he gets moved home!

I also took the director of the team, David, down to see Billy's retaining wall.  He knew another gentleman who said he could gather a team of men and get the job done fairly quickly.  Pray that can come about as Billy has also been waiting a really long time and with winter weather just around the corner. . .

Thursday afternoon was our C.O.A.D. (Community Organizations Active in Disaster) monthly meeting.  Quite a few members came and we had alot, and I mean alot, of discussion on the topics on the agenda.  One of the main ones was the application for a community grant that had to be on the desk of the "powers that be" by the following day.  We also put together our "Wish List" for the local newspaper and area.  And in the not so distant future we will be scheduling a trip to southern Indiana to help with the rebuilding from this springs tornado.  They were all excited about the idea of doing that so . . . let's go!  I also hope to put together a team from our local church and heard from one of the COAD members this morning that their church is putting together a team and planning a trip!  Go teams!!

Friday had me up very early working on the grant application and all the items that were required.  I had it all together and on the table by noon.  I did meet with our local grant expert and was told that it looked good and when I dropped it off I actually got to talk with 2 of the men who will be making the final decisions and allotments so I felt that was a divine appointment!  Please pray that the funding we asked for does come through so we can continue to teach and prepare and be the hands and feet of Jesus when needed most.

The weekend just flew by -- not even sure where it all went.  I did "change seasons" with all my flowers and such yesterday afternoon since the temps were pushing 80 and the sun was shining bright!  I love it when it's just me and God working outside together!

Late last night I received a text that my dear friend, Bev's father in law passed away!  I know this has to be a very difficult time for the entire family!  It's never easy and sometimes satan loves to bring about chaos and confusion at the most difficult times!  Please cover the whole family in prayers for peace and comfort and love.

Until next time . . . peace and love and comfort to all of you!                      Susan and Monty

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