Wednesday, October 10, 2012

He's packing

First thing this morning, an hour before they were scheduled, the carpet installers were at Don's and ready to go.  They were just putting down the tack strips when Don stopped by to meet and thank them.  (Don is the one on the far right of the picture)

The bedroom looked wonderful when they finished.  I love the color and Don was especially happy since he picked out the color and being a man -- had some doubts!     :)

While Don was there he joined in the "fun" of finishing the teeny areas of flooring that I had been working on.

Getting those last few pieces was literally like assembling a puzzle and took not only the both of us but the reporter that was also there.  We got it done and were thrilled at the results.

After everyone else cleared out I got busy finishing painting the bedroom (Mark had obviously worked till late last night getting the walls and ceilings ready and I am so thankful for his heart of service) and installing the rest of the base trim in the double family room.  By the time I got that base trim done the walls in the bedroom were dry enough for me to start installing the base trim in there.  I was glad I got that second coat of paint on it yesterday morning before "drowning" my phone as it really looked good today.

It took me all day but when I got done the house was ready for Don to pack up his clothes and his cat and move back home.  He said he will be arranging his furniture and packing over the next couple of days.  He has a water leak in the hot water heater and needs to fix it also before moving in.  And he needs to get his natural gas turned back on so he can have heat.  He isn't hurrying and couldn't thank everyone enough for all the work that they have done.  He is looking forward to continuing the work himself.  He is really good at construction and likes doing it and with being back home he can continue the rebuilding process and have fun in doing so.  He will let me know when he needs materials.

This is a view of the bedroom all painted and carpeted.  The only thing left is trimming around the windows (I ran out of materials to do so).  It's so beautiful and such an amazing transformation!

I had such a good time doing some hands on work over the past couple of weeks and realized just how much enjoyment I get out of it.  It's been a long time.  My muscles know just how long it's been but hey -- they will calm down and I look forward to doing more on the back two bedrooms that we haven't even touched yet!

We'll be seeing alot more of Don over the winter!  There's still quite a bit of work to be done so if you are inclined to lend a hand -- and the rest of you along with it -- just let me know.

Welcome home, Don --- welcome home! 

Praise the Lord!               Until next time . . .                       Susan and Monty

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