Tuesday, October 09, 2012

It's Where ?????

Tuesday mornings I am usually headed south to Bible Study.  Not this morning.

I woke up during the night (nothing new) and decided to get some more work done at Don's.  The carpet installers will be there in the morning and I knew if I ran to Lowes and got the base trim for his bedroom I could get it painted (to match the walls) and it would be dry and ready for me to install after the carpeting is completed.  I also thought I could get a coat of paint on his front door and really spif up the family room.

So off I went. 

In and out of Lowes will just what I needed and at Don's early enough to get it all done before noon.

As I pulled into his driveway I noticed the dumpster was gone!?  I wasn't happy as it wasn't full and I planned on keeping it there until we are completely done with all of the house!  A few text messages later revealed a new driver had made a big mistake and he was on his way back with another one (an empty one) so score one for God trumping satan's plan.

I was painting away and got a phone call.  Answered and taken care of and back to painting.

I knew I had an appointment at 1:00 so thought I better check the time.  Checked my shirt pocket for my phone and it wasn't there?  I knew it had been there awhile ago as I took that phone call.  The pocket has a button on it -- but it wasn't buttoned!?

I searched and searched - room after room - retracing my steps with no results.

The dumpster driver arrived and I needed to make sure he didn't land the dumpster on the temporary power lines on the ground -- remembering he was a new driver!  He did great.

Just as he was pulling out I stopped him and told him I'd lost my phone and would he be so kind as to call it so I could listen for it and find it from its hiding place.  No problem, he dialed.

I ran inside and heard nothing.  Checked back with him to make sure he called the right number.  He did and tried again -- and again -- and again.  No sound!

Then it dawned on me -- could it be possible?  I had been painting with the gallon paint can ??? Oh no, surely not.  Of all the places I had been and the opening in that can can't be 6 or 7 inches across?

So I grabbed a screw driver to stick into the can and --- well --- you've probably already guessed it by now --- sure enough --- I hear my phone banging around!

Shocked I reached my entire hand and arm into the can and pulled up a rather nasty phone -- more than soaked with beige paint, running off the phone and my hand and down my arm!

When I told the driver I found it and where he just shook his head and laughed -- glad it wasn't his phone!

I closed the can, dropped everything I was doing and wrapped both the phone and my hand in paper towels and headed to the phone store.  The only thing on my mind was salvaging all my contacts in the phone.

The store was only a mile away and when I walked in they all knew exactly what had happened!  They tried not to laugh but I could see their smiles breaking through and decided I may as well join them!  What's done is done so let's move on.

It was completely destroyed -- but God -- somehow they were able to save the contacts! 

Now came the "hold onto my seat" for the upcoming cost!  I knew we didn't have the hundreds of dollars it was going to take and quite frankly was on the verge of panic!

When the clerk looked up my account he realized I am eligible for an upgrade the end of this month and said he could give me a "loaner" phone until then.  How awesome!  I didn't care what it looked like or what it did or didn't do -- as long as it could send and receive calls and texts I was good!

I made it to my 1:00 appointment and only had to apologize for not being able to get home and change clothes before arriving there.  When they heard the story they also laughed, thankful it wasn't their phone!

I guess I should've gone to Bible study but I did learn something -- God does have the ultimate plan and although satan tries with all he has to mess that plan up -- God always wins!

They WERE able to save my contacts.

I did NOT have to spend any dollars (yet).

I DO have a working phone.

Don DOES have painted trim and front door.

I AM smiling and thanking God for His perfect love!  In my before bed devotions last night the focus was on feeling joy in the midst of trials.  Joy????  Well, it wasn't easy but by the end of the day I can laugh about it and realize just how awesome God really is!  Thus --- joy!!!!

Until next time . . . this is NOT what a phone should look like!

And this was taken after I tried to clean it up!  Oh my!!                             Susan and Monty

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