Thursday, October 25, 2012

Holton --- here we come

Yes -- we are planning 2 different trips to the city of Holton, Indiana.

Holton is a small town that took a direct hit from the March 2nd tornadoes. 

When I attended the INVOAD meeting a couple of weeks ago I talked with the Phil, who leads their long term recovery committee.  He mentioned that they need volunteers desperately.  With the "newness" gone and the winter weather knocking on our doors they need to get folks back home.

I mentioned this to our local COAD group last week and they were on board to schedule a trip.

I also got a few questions from folks at our church asking if we had any trips coming up.

So . . . we have a church trip scheduled and a COAD trip scheduled.

Each trip will only be one day but hopefully we have alot of people sign up and we know that with God's help we can accomplish more than we can ever imagine!

Pray that those God calls to go on these trips will be obedient to His call.  "Rebuilding lives by rebuilding homes."

Also --- let's all join together in prayers for those in the path of hurricane Sandy.  Again -- our weather causes us to forget that hurricane season is not "done" until November 30 and hurricane Sandy is a very real and threatening reminder.  We have dear friends in New Jersey (hey Jack, Sue and team) and Monty and I will be praying for all of them.  Jesus calmed the storm in scripture and He's still in the business of making "the wind and the waves" obey Him!

Until next time . . . be blessed.                                       Susan and Monty

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