Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Bringing a bit of "Heaven" to Don's

Yes, the men from Heaven Nevaeh returned this afternoon and brought a bit of heaven to Don's.  Not only did the clouds and heavy fog leave, the sunshine broke through and they were able to work in great temps and accomplished way more than I had dreamed -- and they will be back tomorrow afternoon!  They started by clearing out the other side of the family room, which was literally packed floor to ceiling with furniture.  The carpeting under all that still needed removed and they made haste in getting it all cleared out.  As they removed the carpeting in the small hallway area they discovered an area of subflooring that has been wet and must be replaced.  Their comment was "well, we already have the materials on site so let's get it done." 

I had a wonderful surprise helper today.  Ms Sheila came over to do some cleaning!  I was concerned that she might feel overwhelmed when she saw all the work that needed done but she just smiled and started working in the bathroom.  I had to make a run to get her supplies and by the time I returned she had already found some things and just worked with what she had.  She did smile again when she saw I brought her a bucket!  She cleaned the furniture as the men brought it outside and never stopped working the entire day.  She said she might be able to come back tomorrow and would for sure be back Friday and would be bringing a helper!  Now that's my kind of volunteer!!!
If you take a closer look at the above photo you will see the color that Don selected for the exterior wood siding.  It's a bluish color and looks really nice with the gray shingles.  He hasn't gotten alot of it stained due to working and the rainy weather but he'll get it done.  All we need to do is get him moved back home and he'll be right there every hour he isn't working and so he can still be working - at home!    :)

I worked on the crown molding trim and painting windows all morning along with making sure all our materials were on site and ready to go for the men.  We had 52 boxes of the laminate flooring and once again --- thank goodness I have a big truck with a full size bed!

It was a really good and productive day and once again all the volunteers were smiling as they were working!  I love days like this one!

As I was coming home I stopped by to check on Ms Gladys and take Benji for his afternoon walk.  She had trashed piled up by the door and so I gathered the rest of her trash and loaded it into my truck.  Just as I was returning with Benji I heard her screaming from the kitchen!  I thought she fell but she had dropped a glass into the sink and heard it break.  Now remember that she is blind so broken glass in a sink is a disaster waiting to happen.  She was okay and so I got it all cleaned up and safe for her.  She was upset as this is the first time she's done anything like this but all I could think about was what if I hadn't been there?  She promised she would call me if she had any other accidents.  I have grown to love this tiny little elderly lady.  She has stolen my heart and I hope you will join with me in praying for her health and safety!

The Heaven Neveah men will be back tomorrow and I have a bit more to do with the trim.  Mark will be finishing up the sheetrock mudding that I started the other day and with him being a pro I have no doubt it will be ready for me to paint sometime over the weekend to be ready for the carpeting on Monday.

Busy, busy, busy and I love every single minute of it!  Things are getting done, God is being glorified and THAT is the ultimate goal!

Until next time . . . to God be the glory!  Let's keep working!                 Susan and Monty

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