Monday, September 17, 2012

Monty's Birthday

God has shown me divine appointments many times over the years and Friday afternoon was one of those. 

We live in a subdivision of nearly all elderly people, most being widow women.  Between Monty and I it seems we are always doing something for one or more of them.  We've lived here for so long that we know nearly everyone and they know us and what we do and watched over our home while we were away for nearly 5 years.

One little woman and her husband used to sit on their front porch each evening and as we walked our dogs we would stop and visit with them.  He loved telling Monty his stories of his military days -- the same stories over and over again!  When we returned from Texas we heard he had passed away.  I have often wondered how she is doing but would see her granddaughter's car there on weekends so I just assumed . . . and we all know the results of doing that!

On Friday afternoon I was walking my dogs when we saw her little dog outside and so we went to the fence to say hi to him.  She popped her head out the back to see who it was.  She told me she was completely blind and thus couldn't see me but she remembered who I was and what we do.  I asked her if she was doing ok and if she needed anything.  She said her little Benji missed going on his walks --- nothing for herself!  I told her I would be happy to take him for a walk and would be back shortly.

I took my crew home and walked back to her house.  Benji is 12 years old and yet jumped for joy when he saw me coming toward him with his leash.  We walked the circle around her street and he was done for -- quite out of shape from not being walked for such a long time.  When I went back inside to let him in and talk with her a bit more we got into alot of conversation.  My main concern was that she had gotten so thin and frail so I asked if she was eating okay.  She said a friend brings in Golden Corral food once or twice a week and she makes that last!  "Makes it last?"  That nearly sent me over the edge!  I asked her if she would like for me to bring in food every other day or more.  She smiled and said "that would be wonderful."  She then asked me if I ever went to Walmart?  Do I go there?  I practically live there and our neighbor, Shelley, works there!  She broke into a huge smile and I told her I would make sure I spoke with her daily and walked Benji every day the weather allowed.  She said her granddaughter still comes on weekends so she would be okay then. 

Her next comments brought tears streaming down my cheeks and guilt pouring over my entire body!  She asked me if I knew what she missed the most in loosing her eyesight --- "reading the Bible!"  She told me how she used to get up in the middle of the night, fix herself peanut butter with crackers and sit and read her Bible.  The tears were also streaming down her little wrinkled cheeks!  She said she even has the entire Bible on a CD series but can no longer use the CD player since she cannot see!   So . . . God nearly hit me over the head with a 2 x 4 in saying, "read to the woman!"  I almost heard His audible voice on that one!  

When I got ready to leave she handed me her garage door opener.  I looked a bit puzzled and she answered before I could say anything.  She knows we don't have a garage and thought we might be able to use hers!  After her husband passed away she got rid of their vehicle and said it just sits there and thought we might be able to use it!    God and His divine appointments!!!!!!!!  And the blessings He brings with them!!!   I get to walk her dog, bring her food now and then and read the Bible with her and she gives us the use of her big garage ---- happy birthday Monty!

That evening we were invited to dinner by friends of ours that we met years ago, when we first started our disaster relief ministry.  Their church welcomed us in and actually had a couple of services for us where they opened their doors to the whole community and we shared a bit of what we were doing and how God was working and they took an offering for us.  Bob and Debbie were huge players in both of those services and have also been attending our COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster) since I became the director.  They said they had something they wanted to talk with us about and thus the dinner.

God has called them to start a ministry where they go into disaster situations immediately following the disaster  -- and serve meals.  What an amazing calling!  They had a few questions and it was an opportunity for us to encourage them!  It's going to be so exciting to see where God takes them in this whole thing!  One thing for certain --- they are about to embark on a journey where they will see and experience God like never before and their lives will be forever changed! 

Our Saturday and Sunday were spent at the shooting range again.  It was awesome!  The weather was perfect and the event was so packed that yesterday we had to divide everyone up into 2 groups when it came to shooting targets.  Alot of kids this time and seeing fathers bring their sons to something like this where they learn the proper way to handle firearms and to respect them is great. 

Saturday I left a bit early to come home and get ready for our Maui team cookout.  Becky had us all come to her place (where I have now decided I want to live -- she has 5 acres of log cabin and beauty) where she had BBQ with all the fixins.  I brought a birthday cake for Monty since his birthday was the next day.  We all had such a good time remembering and getting to know everyone even more. I brought the 2 big picture books I made and they enjoyed looking at them since they were usually busy working when I snapped the picture and sometimes didn't even realize I was doing so.

Sunday morning at the shoot was one of those divine appointments for me.  The gentleman giving the Word is the same gentleman who has the team of volunteers who will be working on Don's  house next week and the following week.  I met him when his team volunteered to build the handicapped ramp and deck at Michael's.  I also got to meet his crew.  We are all excited to see what God has in store for them when they come to Don's.

I also brought a big birthday cake to the shoot and everyone had fun wishing Monty a happy birthday.  Our dear friends, the family with the 10 children, called and sang the best happy birthday song ever to him!  It brought a smile on his face that spread from ear to ear!

Alot going on --- Lowes coming to measure for Don's flooring in the morning --- my son coming down in the morning to check out another elderly widow woman's heating and air system --- God's hand in so many places and I am so blessed to just be the empty hose laying on the ground that He selects to flow through! 

Life truly is good!  And God is even better!

Until next time . . . where is God pointing you?                    Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

The story of your elderly neighbor put a lump in my throat. Praise the Lord that He sent you on that divine appointment (the RIGHT people for the call). Love you both!