Friday, September 14, 2012

The Ups and Downs

Yesterday we buried a dear friend.  Carla was only 55 years old.  Less than a year ago she discovered she had cancer.  Life just isn't fair sometimes!

Yesterday I got a reply email from a local rehabilitation facility -- the one who built the deck and ramp on Michael's trailer for us -- and they are going to come and help on Don's house!  They work around 3 hours in the afternoons and will be able to get us on their schedule for a couple of weeks in row.

Yesterday I asked another friend of ours, Rich, if he would like to hang the sheetrock in Don's and he said yes, possibly the end of next week.  Monty offered to help him.

Yesterday I continued receiving responses from the COAD members saying they did receive my emails.  We have had continual issues and problems with this so I decided to take matters into my own hands and so far -- so good!

Today it's rainy and cooler than it's been in I can't remember!  So cool that I had to close some windows!!!!!!   Indiana!  I love this weather!

Tomorrow and Sunday we will be back at the shooting range.  Monty is trying to achieve Rifleman status.  I might be bumped from actually shooting since I've already achieved that and there might be too many folks signed up?  No problem --- either way it's a great weekend.  My brain can use that "down" time.

Sunday is Monty's birthday!  Now we've all heard the saying that "age is just a number."  Well, Monty isn't good with numbers (unless it's a tape measure) and just the other evening he came home from a job saying how they had had a conversation about his birthday coming up on Monday (he isn't good with calendars either) and how he would be 50 years old?  I looked at him rather funny and first said that his birthday was Sunday, not Monday.  That was ok.  But then I told him that he would only be 48  -- not 50.  He had a shocked and puzzled look on his face.  I tried to explain that since he was born in 1964 he couldn't be changing into a new decade without the year also ending in a 4 --- none of that clicked at all!  So then I tried to re-explain that since he is 10 years younger than me most all the time and since I just turned 58 then . . . do the math.  He still looked a bit dishelved but did the math and then --- this huge smile came over his face and he said, "boy, do I feel better!"     MEN!!!!

I will be bringing a big birthday cake to the shooting range on Sunday --- with 48 candles on it!

Ups and downs . . . all of which map out life itself.  Something we should all be much more thankful for --- especially when attending the funeral of a friend younger than yourself!!! 

Blessings . . .                 Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

Awww...poor Monty; getting a bit ahead of himself! Happy birthday dear friend. You two are so hilarious; we love you guys and miss you both and hope to get together sometime this fall.